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MIND OVER MATTER: The Colours of Life (1988-2008)

“Superbly more mesmerizing, The Colours of Life continues exactly where Music for Paradise had left us: into the lands of awaken dreams”
1 La Vie (The Dance of Life) 11:57  
2 Bali Sunrise (The Joy of Life) 6:22  
3 Ganga (The River of Life) 10:23  
4 Mountains of Karma (The Wheel of Life) 8:32
Bonus on IC CD
5 Being One (Air) 6:55  
6 One Being (Water) 4:36  
7 Changes in Being (Fire) 4:37  
8 Being Home Again (Earth) 6:14
IC 80.076 (LP 37:22) ****½
87 2 370-2
(CD 59:44) *****

(Ambient, spiritual, tribal and Berlin School EM)
Baby's gurglings amazed by the colours of the world open "La Vie (The Dance of Life)". From these first seconds, the pattern of relaxation music which covered poetics universe of Music for Paradise offers itself to our ears. Delicate fluty breezes, oniric voices and a soft warm wind caress our ears, pushing the soft and riffs chords of a cosmic guitar in the depths of our subconscious. Yves Greder's voice returns to possess our inner mantra with a narration that gets inside of us, like a hypnotist whose words stigmatize his entrance inside our open dreams. Superbly more mesmerizing, “The Colours of Life” continues exactly where Music for Paradise had left us; on the dunes of a fabulous beach where the clouds dance and the breezes float over a sea warmed by a penetrating sun.
Incredibly delicate, "La Vie" offers this structure of hypnotic rhythm which had so much seduced in Being One, but with a little bit more heightened debit where our trunk waddles dimly under the influence of a sonic drug. We have the feeling of floating within the winds with these soft tom-toms which caress the slow ascendant chords from an absolutely penetrating bass. The Mellotron is brilliant. It surrounds of its veils of tenderness these soft Tablas which drum more silky than the notes of a piano which hammers an intrusion in our subconscious while the guitar makes glide its bohemian harmonies with an absolute discretion. If we float with the winds in "La Vie" we dance with their children in "Bali Sunrise (The Joy of Life)". This track is simply gorgeous. Hyper melodious and charming, it's with it that I fell in love with
Mind Over Matter. And it always makes me the same effect on me some 25 later. A soft breath of a flute with a human voice opens its magnetism. Its singing floats on the waves of an ocean of serenity when fine percussions with a tone of wooden xylophone draw the rhythmic sketch. Chords of guitar, soft as those of a harp, stroll in this embryonic rhythm which always let the waves caressing it. We hear maracas. All in softness, "Bali Sunrise" presents its rhythm. A rhythm of islands of the sun where a spiritual party takes place in our ears. The Mellotron flute is wonderful. Its singing is exhilarating. But there is more. The guitar! Wow, does it piercing our eardrums? It knocks us down. So much sweetness and anger at the same time. It's like kissing life and curse its end with these soft solos which cry when other are more cutting, more aggressive. I heard solos of guitar in my life; Clapton, Buchanan, Ray Vaughn or Hendrix. None have torn me, scratched the barks of the soul like those of "Bali Sunrise". Am I exaggerating? Not that much but it depicts pretty well the play of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock on guitar. "Ganga (The River of Life)" is the studio version of the one in concert offered as a bonus track on the CD version of Music for Paradise. It's as much lascivious and hypnotic and this studio version gives to it a more penetrating envelope. "Mountains of Karma (The Wheel of Life)" ends “The Colours of Life” with a meditative and ambiospherical structure where fluty breezes and solos of an acid guitar are floating over the scattered notes of a somber pensive piano which shell its melancholy among some thunders and explosions.
In its writing phase, “The Colours of Life” was initially intended for an album. But Innovative Communication changed its mind and rather released it as both on album and CD, from where we found the whole
Music for Paradise as a bonus track and making of this edition of “The Colours of Life” something you don't want to miss.

Sylvain Lupari (December 14th, 2013) &
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