dimanche 24 novembre 2013

TANGERINE DREAM: Three O'Clock High (1987)

A shame! A musical rubbish!

 Varese Sarabande VCD 47307 (CD 41:42) * (?)

Hummm...How to talk about this album without being nasty? The adventure of Tangerine Dream with the cinema and the American studios continues. The German trio specialize more and more on the short tracks, even if it means losing its identity. And what seem to be the most important thing above all is to continue amassing money in order to build the better personal studio. The musical creativity? “Three O'Clock High” is a real rubbish. It's a musical turnip as much as the movie is. The worst of the worst. And I don't even take it as a serious album. A bad joke with a bad taste in my ears!
The album shows 22 tracks, among which 7 wrote and played by Rick Morotta & David Tickle, Jim Walker and Sylvester Levay, in fact his tracks sound better and are the more aggressive on the album, for a 42 minutes counter. So if you do the maths, it's not even 2 minutes by track! Franke
Froese and Haslinger show a deep lack of curiosity, creativity and interest. The only good thing is "Go to the Head of the Class" (3:01). We kinda feel a bit of emotion, a zest of interest. But from the tip of creativity. The rest? Rubbish! The tracks are too short and are thrown without interest on totally insipid and missed fade out. What a professionalism! "Bonding by Candlelight" has an air of déjà vu which will ring a bell in the TD repertoire while that "Kill Him (The Football Dummy)" seems to prepare the next soundtrack which will be Near Dark.
Here is dreadful album which absolutely has nothing to do with the universe of
Tangerine Dream. And as for me it’s such a shame that the signature of the band is on the cover. It's an album to avoided, unless being a collector. But a real one!!!

Sylvain Lupari (November 24th, 2013)
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