samedi 19 octobre 2013

SUNDOWN CAFE: Sunset Dreams (2013)

“The music of Sunset Dreams lives through an extremely melodic pattern where the harmonies have no difficulty to create earworms”

1 White Sailboat Out on the Blue Sea 4:51  
2 Surrender to the Night 4:00  
3 Sunset Dream 6:56  
4 When I Feel the Rain 4:45  
5 The Cosmic Touch 5:49

Bandcamp | DDL (DDL 26:22) ***½
(Chill, Downtempos, e-synthpop and New Age)

Sundown Cafe is a musical project which brings together the man behind Sequential Dreams, Kuutana, and an Austrian artist who works under the name of Celestial View. They join their respective styles to create a music style which caresses shyly the structures of morphic Chill and Downtempos. Very melodious, with well structured compositions that could all be played on radio, “Sunset Dreams” listens to as we would want to sing romances to our beloved. And I have to admit that I was as pleasantly charmed as my soft loved one was.
"White Sailboat Out on the Blue Sea" begins with pleasant sighs of romance. The intro floats in a paradisiacal envelope before succumbing to the slow rhythm of a nice melodious down-tempo. The synth layers drag some metallic furrows which bring us near to the darker side of Vangelis. The track falls in a kind of cosmic groove with an interlude slightly jerky where wind instruments, kind of saxophone or trumpet, caress at the tips of airs Linda Spa's harmonies from Tangerine Dream. Harmonies which are even more present when "White Sailboat Out on the Blue Sea" takes back its harmonic rights with its delicious introductory rhythm. Those sax caresses can annoy the purists, I have to say that I also have difficulties with those, but they bring to the universe of Sundown Cafe a harmonious dimension which crosses the stitches of Tangerine Dream, Spa and
Jerome Froese era, as well as a bit of Robert Schroeder and his Chill and Downtempos project; Food For Fantasy. And in this regard we can quote the fiery "Surrender to the Night".
"Sunset Dream" is by far the most beautiful electronic anthem of “Sunset Dreams”. Although the rhythm is ambient, it remains heavy. It floats into the vapors of ether on a meshing of percussions to heterogeneous tones. More powerful than fast, the pulse increases its pace, but not its swiftness, hanging on to a superb fluty synth which throws spectral sighs on a rhythm of which the latent evolutionary shape is simply exhilarating. The harmonious arpeggios take on the melancholic clothes of Vangelis on this very melodious rhythm which pierces the heart so much the slow resonant beatings are powerful. Very beautiful! "When I Feel the Rain" is a beautiful electronic ballad which flirts more with melodious New Age than Chill. The rhythm is slow and the harmonies are blown by a very dark saxophone source. Those who like the genre are going to be crazy about it. "The Cosmic Touch" is another beautiful ballad which is more ethereal. The tears of synth are stealing the soul of a wounded guitar and sing with the discreet complicity of a saxophone always so dreamy on a structure of ambient, even cosmic, rhythm. There where the stars sparkle on the bed of a rhythm which scatters some floating stroboscopic filets.
Although rather different from what I am used to listening to, I quite enjoyed this first rendezvous with Sundown Cafe. The music is beautiful. It lives through an extremely melodic pattern where the harmonies have no difficulty in creating earworms. So it's a nice and charming album where we find without any trouble the bases of Sequential Dreams, be the influences of the Dream and Vangelis, flooded in the paradisiacal moods of Food For Fantasy. This is Chill and Downtempos in New Age clothes. The duo has recently launched a full new album entitle Close to You Heart. It's a bit different, more of a mix between Easy-listening and New Age with some strong tints of Jazz. For those who might be interested, just click on the Bandcamp link above the track listing.

Sylvain Lupari (October 18th, 2013)

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