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WLADYSLAW KOMENDAREK: Chronowizor (2013)

“On his daring Chronowizor Wladyslaw Komendarek explores freely a musical approach closer to Krautrock and more experimental electronic territories”
1 Privatized Brain 12:30  
2 Clouds of the Virtual World 7:36  
3 Chronowizor 13:58  
4 Atomic Clock 10:42  
5 Colonization of Time 4:05  
6 Controllers of Mankind's Consciousness 6:40  
7 Fiery Tongues 6:47  
8 Mind Treatment 8:24  
9 Secret Center of Pugnacious Gases 7:32

Ricochet Dream | RD071 (CD 78:14) ****
(Krautrock and psychedelic Berliner EM)

When disorder, the sound anarchy does hair of an increasing interest, it gives “Chronowizor” from Wladyslaw Komendarek. The first time, and the only one, where I lived the Komendarek experiment was with Przemyslaw Rudz's Unexplored Secrets of REM Sleep. We clearly felt the influence of the founder the group Exodus, who likes an abstract music imagined by diverse sound samplings, on an album which brought Przemyslaw Rudz near the artistic madness. This is exactly the basis of “Chronowizor”. Only the music differs. Instead of grafting his quirky tones and hiss samplings of schizophrenic voices on a more or less ambient EM, Wladyslaw Komendarek explores a musical approach closer to Krautrock and more experimental electronic territories. And it gives an amazing result. Because behind this strange ambience of cacophonies of the genres and the atmospheres is hiding some superb musical structures which end to give reason to the excesses of Komendarek.
And the eclectic sound universe of the enigmatic Wladyslaw Komendarek begins with "Privatized Brain" which presents a cheerful structure of rhythm. This is 13 minutes skillfully hammered where we tap of the feet and we question of the ear. The structure is supported by some good strikings from Zbigniew Fyk and sewn by the organic chords from Dariusz Zalusk's line of bass, but also where are winding some jingles of chains which oversize the reach of the rhythm. A little more and one would say Alice Cooper and his Welcome to my Nightmare. This clearly rock approach disconcerts as much as the direction is taken "Privatized Brain" which sees itself wrapped by a meshing of feminine voices which floats on this strange hybrid rhythm while chords of electronic piano redirect it towards a kind of fusion between a lounge style and a psychedelic down-tempo. If the tempo is hammered with the regularity of a hypnotic clock, the atmospheres and the harmonies are parading like a surrealist sonic landscape where sound and vocal effects weave a psychedelic frenzy which drags "Privatized Brain" towards a Jamaican kind of tribal approach. Misted of static currents, the introduction of "Clouds of the Virtual World" scrapes the ear while that charmingly the track dives towards an approach of big sensual blues which crosses the American Big Band and music striptease of the Moulin Rouge of Paris. You have to hear these synths mold orgasmic lamentations behind these false delirious trumpets. Awesome! Did I say; when the sound anarchy does hair of an increasing interest? If the first two tracks are not perfect examples for you, let's see for the title-track where the first chords fall such as invisible threats. We can hear a very Dreamian influence behind this introduction where a vocoder marries the curves of a processional ambient rhythm. And as everywhere on “Chronowizor” the synths weave strange spectral harmonies which roam without really wanting to flirt with melodies. Here they mew like wandering cats on a structure of rhythm evolving slowly with percussions which click in their echoes, preferring the wrapping ambiences of a heavy mellotron veil rather than a rhythm hard and pure. And like that, without warning, "Chronowizor" sinks into the gaps of dissonant noises before giving the last jolts of an incongruous rhythm, a little like a cat on an artificial breathing apparatus which dreams about junk food in the country of big cats without appetite.
"Atomic Clock" is the music piece which hooks at first hearing on “Chronowizor”. From the first chords we plunge into Jean Michel Jarre universe of cosmic rock. The approach inhales the perfumes of the analog era with some very musical synths, rhythms weaved by chirping of sequences and voices samplings like in Les Concerts en Chine. In short, there are no reasons to dislike this. Even the ambient noises, which are very active, respect the posology that Jarre has prescribed to his tracks in concert. This shows how Wladyslaw Komendarek is capable of everything, even in seraphic ambient moods with the very soft "Colonization of Time". And his synth solos are as well juicy as poignant. It's a beautiful track where the ambient term takes quite another shape by coming out from the sizzling waves of a radio. Always surrounded by a sound fauna to the thousand of surprises, the music of “Chronowizor” unfolds as a macedoine to the multidimensional flavors, like in the tribal approach of "Controllers of Mankind's Consciousness" or the freaky techno approach of "Fiery Tongues" or still the noisy, furious and very trash techno of "Mind Treatment". Those who know the universe of Infected Mushroom will be on familiar ground. "Secret Center of Pugnacious Gases" closes in the most disordered chaos with a cinematographic dramatic approach before kissing a rhythm as much heavy as lively. This is some big electronic progressive rock which reminds of Bill Bruford and John Wetton in U.K. and E.L.P. in the era of Brain Salad Surgery at the summits of their art. Even the voice is....
I'll be very honest here; “Chronowizor” is not for all the ears. Besides caressing a multitude of musical styles, the Polish synth wizard waters abundantly his music of sound effects which find all the beauty of their dimensions with ears lend to suffer in a good headphone. The boldness of Wladyslaw Komendarek, and this contrary to several artists of the kind, doesn't get lost in cacophonous ineptitudes where only the immoderation can be attraction for those who like boasting of marginality. In the disorder, in the chaos, his titles always breathe of a musicality from where pop out harmonies which are not afraid of being friends with a kind of musical impressionism. This is the biggest strength of “Chronowizor”.

Sylvain Lupari (September 28th, 2013)
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