jeudi 12 septembre 2013

PETE FARN: Cryptids - Biospheres Vol.2 (2013)

“Cryptids - Biospheres Vol.2 is a rather unique sound experiment that will certainly pleased to diehard fans of musical life without any form of movements”

1 The Landscapeeater (fast one) 5:40
2 Catsrawl 6:33
3 The Chimera Sleeps 11:28
4 The Chimera Dreams 11:37
Abiogenese 7:06
6 The Shy Sine Singer 5:13
7 The Landscapeeater (slow one) 24:08

SynGate Luna | pf10 (CD-r 71:45) ***
(Experimental ambient forms of EM)
PeteFarn's universe is one of sound experiments where his designer, Peter Schaefer, crosses the borders of imagination with concept albums which often caress the universes of illusions and where the noise is on top of any forms of harmonies and musical ambiences. After an album on the organic and biospherical life of the floating forests, PeteFarn imagines now the life of animals of which the existence was never scientifically proved or is simply associated to the kingdom of imagination. And that my friends, PeteFarn has full of this in both hemispheres. The problem! That takes good neighbors and a very comprehensive girlfriend because we cannot listen to “Cryptids - Biospheres Vol.2” within headphones, unless we want to sink into a kind of sound psychosis. And believe me, that could happen.
Hollow breaths open the entrails of “Cryptids - Biospheres Vol.2”. Breaths which seem human and which lead to "The Landscapeeater" and of its organic noises which appear to be a kind of dialect for unknown species. Ambiguous and multi-dimensional,
PeteFarn's universes are subject to the interpretations as much so multiple as the ears, risky needs to say, which tame them. The gurgling and the footsteps that we hear can result from diverse species, as terrestrial as extraterrestrial. Just like here where it sounds like they plot in a cave. On "Catsrawl", these gurgling are soaked with a glaucous dialect where diverse forms of life with inconceivable appearances are cawing under a thick cloud of floating layers of which the pile forms a strange concert for the hoarse singings of crickets. At this point of “Cryptids - Biospheres Vol.2”, there is a certain musicality. Later? Well, it's less certain and you have to like metaphysical sound experiments or...noise if you prefer. "The Chimera Sleeps" is a long non-form passage where the white noises get lost in their metallic echoes. Honestly? I found this a little bit hard for the ears and the neighbors have asked for which kind of bugs have infested my condo. It's kind of annoying and the ears really take a blow. Although softer, "The Chimera Dreams" displays a life without forms which ends in the same sound nightmare as "The Chimera Sleeps".
And so go the next 36 minutes of “Cryptids - Biospheres Vol.2”; a sound experiment without musical life, even if it depicts a life that we have difficulty in imagining so much the tone is sometimes assassin. Really, this is for diehard fans of sonic experiences and I found that very difficult to ingest.

Sylvain Lupari (September 14th, 2013)
Cette chronique est également disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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