jeudi 12 septembre 2013


“Perceptual Defence's Physis is an album for fans of heavy and dark atmospheres where the rhythms arise from strange ambiospherical currents”

1 Approaching the Mysterious & Impressive Building 11:56
2 Inside the Dark Place (The Concert Experience) 21:44
3 Walking Inside the Changing Rooms 15:53
4 A Deep Meditative Departure 16:28

SynGate | Luna PD01 (CD-r 66:01) ***¼
(Abstract experimental ambient music)

Winds which move waters and black ambiences are blowing in a paranoiac frenzy where rustles and fine melodies agglutinate like a psychedelic rain shower falling from a bottomless gutter. Chords clink like a dissonant carousel and their puny tones gets lost in an intense sound fog where the lines of synth are squeaking such as spectres with wide claws which scratch structures of reinforced concrete. "Approaching the Mysterious & Impressive Building" presents its very experimental ambiospheric structure with faces of winds and acid breezes which take the top off the roofs and windows with a distant harmonious essence, while that beat the keys grumbling in a storm where the stars fight the day obstinacy. Perceptual Defence is the new little treat that the German label SynGate proposes to fans of sound experiments via its Luna division. Ambitious project of the Italian sound sculptor Gabriele Quirici, “Physis” fattens his impressive road map which counts about forty works, among which several theme for movies and choreographies. Gabriele Quirici is an expressionist who takes pleasure in the abstract art where the sound forms breathe of free interpretations. To say the least, it's the way of approaching “Physis”; an album with a surprising sound wealth where ephemeral rhythmic structures upset the balance of a dark intrusion between two universes.
"Inside the Dark Place" follows more or less the same tangent. The intro is very ambiospherical with hoops of cotton wool which marry a rotatory movement in a heavy mood of a city in reconstruction. The sensation of emptiness is omnipresent, even if the sound universe exhausts its resources with winds which amass dusts of tones which roll in loops in the aerations of an immense machine of which the triggering initiates a series of guttural rustles. The synths scatter long sinuous tears and harmonize their lamentations with these gurgling, while that quietly "Inside the Dark Place" uses these elements to engage a short rhythmic phase with crystal clear keys which skip in groups in a very beautiful ritornello to tones of the analog years. This rhythm increases in power, pushing the fragile hiccup of the keys towards a wild pace that a synth bewitches of its cosmic sinuous singings. Slowly, the rhythm moves into a sustained heart pulse, beating stubbornly in these rustles became threatening to finally fall in the bottomless gaps of the subterranean winds. Black winds? Maybe! Because "Walking Inside the Changing Rooms" waters abundantly our ears of dark breezes. We even hear rustles, deaf lamentations, pierced this opaque field of winds which suffocate all the atmospheres of a track strangely puzzling. "A Deep Meditative Departure" continues to feed a form of obsessive fear with breaths always so dark which hide an abstract life where glitter diverse heterogeneous tones.
Physis” is an album for fans of heavy and dark atmospheres where the rhythms arise from strange ambiospherical currents. We feel very well the desire, the will of Perceptual Defence to create this strange sonic universe where the immobility of the masses possesses an obvious power of hearing attraction. It's ambient, certainly, but not totally uninteresting.

Sylvain Lupari (September 11th,2013)
Cette chronique est également disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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