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EMMENS & HEIJ: Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night (2005)

“The biggest quality of Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night is to be in the continuity of the very good Return to the Origin”
1 Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night 9:58
2 A Journey through Time 44:01
a) Solaris b) Red Clouds over a Misty Swamp
c) The Rise and Fall of Atlantis
d) Waiting for the Day to Come  e) Crystal Tears
f) The Day the Moon will leave us
3 Moments of Unexpected Sadness 8:08
4 Conspiracy of Two Forces 7:33
5 Driving Home on a Rainy Night 4:05

Emmens/Heij | EH002 (CD 73:48) ****
(Netherlands & Berlin School)

The sequencer is heavy. After an intro dressed of veils sifted of metal, it frees pensive keys which waddle deftly into some mists filled of ochred voices and of electronic tones which chirp such as a Phœnix losing its ashes. And it sideslips. It takes the control of a spheroidal rhythm which rises and falls in a horizontal spiral. Dispersing some silvery drizzle and frightening the chthonian voices, it spits a fury à la Ricochet where synth pads of voices float like spectres on the edge of fleeing hell. And the solos fall. Binding itself in this unbridled rhythmic ride, of which Ruud Heij varies as much as the tones as the velocity, they cleave through the air, the rhythm and roars with passion while freeing these pads of translucent mist which glide as tramps over a city burning. Recorded in concert during the 2004 E-Live Festival, "Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night" is one of the heaviest, black and most furious pieces of music in contemporary EM. It spits keys destructive of ambiences and it rocks the ambient airs with a breakneck pace which has nothing to envy to Redshift. Surprising, Ruud Heij weaves a great universe of sequences where he tames his keys by painting them of nuances and harmonies on rhythms which, if they are motionless, are lighting our ears with movements and crisscrossed lines which remind unmistakably the rhythmic phases of Tangerine Dream in the Encore years.
Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night” is the 2nd album of
Emmens/Heij. It tracks the exploit of the Dutch duet during concerts following up the release of Return to the Origin, of which one of these concerts coincides with the launch of the album at Alfa Centauri Festival in Huizen on Mars 2004, for tracks 2 and 4. The other tracks were played live at the famous Festival E-Live of Eindhoven in October of the same year. And, as you are going to hear, it breathes of the same harmonious symbiosis between the rhythms of Heij and the cosmic, oniric clothing pattern structured by Gert Emmens. If the movement of the sequences, which flicker with swiftness, awakens an imprint in your ear, then you recognize Solaris from the album Return to the Origin. Segmented in 6 parts, "A Journey through Time" negotiates its rhythms and ambiences in a beautiful improvised symbiosis. After the kicks of the sequences from Solaris, Red Clouds over a Misty Swamp submerges us of slow morphic strata which float such as big ink stains soaked with voices in a black hole with the contours radiating of translucent lights. The voices and the orchestrations awaken a hint of Vangelis while the sensation to float in hyperspace assails our senses. Whereas The Rise and Fall of Atlantis and Waiting for the Day to Come are exchanging the same pattern of rhythms and moods, the 5th part of "A Journey through Time", offers a superb slow rhythm which waves with a fascinating sensualism in its curves. This quiet rhythm magnetizes our inner senses and leads us quite slowly to the finale of "A Journey through Time" which becomes soaked with slow and whimsical morphic strata in order to complete the journey between the rhythms and ambiences that the duet learnt so well to develop with Return to the Origin. Marrying a little the same rhythmic exhilarating of Crystal Tears, "Moments of Unexpected Sadness" is a superb track which bears its name marvellously. It's melancholy which waltzes in the ritornellos of a delicate movement of sequences of which the knocks of bevels of the morphic keys succeed at no moment to tear this mellotron mist as much musical as that of Moody Blues. And those ethereal voices that Emmens draws for our ears, they are wonderful of tenderness. They are as mesmerizing as fragile and sing with the same maternal sweetness as the fine solos that the Dutch synthman succeeds in weaving from his melodious mists. This is a very good track which tickles the soul, you have no idea! "Conspiracy of Two Forces" is also offering a structure of ambient rhythm where the stationary sequences of Ruud Heij flit and intertwine their rhythmic wings with thee fine modulations of a movement which oscillate in the charms of a dreamy synth and of its nasal solos. Heavier, but always so motionless, and coated by a mystic cosmic mist which lets pass beautiful romantic solos, "Driving Home on a Rainy Night" encloses a beautiful album of which the biggest quality is to be in the continuity of Return to the Origin.

Sylvain Lupari (September 18th, 2013)
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