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FOOD FOR FANTASY: Cool Vibes (2013)

“The strength of Cool Vibes is 9 structures splendidly decorated by a musical fauna as unique as invigorating”
1 Cool Vibes 8:42
2 Sundawn 7:46
3 Dream Exhauster 4:42
4 Timeshifting Area 8:31
5 Present Views 6:40
6 Eschnapur 8:32
7 GuitarMotion 5:28
8 Electron Dust 8:24
9 Magic Keys 8:05

NEWS-CD-11.215 (CD 67:03) ***½
(Techno synth-pop New Berlin School)
The rhythm is soft. Decorated with a synth to tones of a cosmic and dreamy guitar which scatters its floating solos on the frictions and the light drum rolls of percussions, “Cool Vibes” infiltrates our ears with a wind of freshness. A Californian wind so dear to the wandering structures of its ancestor, Double Fantasy, where the funky/groove metamorphoses subtly for a more drum'n'bass rhythm, kissing at the passage the pads of sunny trumpets. The sequences invite themselves into this oniric dance which floats like a dream while quietly "Cool Vibes" is bitten by more incisive riffs and is tortured by shriller synth solos, depicting marvellously the duality which tears constantly in two the synthesist of Aachen in his project in parallel to his solo career. Eclectic, Robert Schroeder's musical world revolves around his fantasies which also take shapes around his instruments designs. Destabilizing constantly his fans with approaches which oscillate between pure Berlin School, funky/groove or some lascivious down-tempos, Schroeder aims straight to the point with his Food For Fantasy project consisted of 9 tracks which shine with these Californian freshnesses where the guitar is the master of its cosmic inspirations when it's not downright some kind of rock'n'groove. Except that Schroeder has decided to draw the line and end Food For Fantasy which after 5 albums, among which two under the name of Double Fantasy, leave a musical will more interesting than we think.
The delicate structures which dream about the sun furnish the repertoire of Food For Fantasy. After a first track with a rhythm in constant motion, "Sundawn" melts in the ear of its soft rhythm with a guitar which sings under a sunset by trying to join stars. Riffs of electronic guitar scratch a melody which vanishes into silky pads of mist while the tempo buzzes of its laconic pulsations. Those who know Robert Schroeder know at which point he is so meticulous. To which point he likes to adorn his structures of parallel melodies, of which the harmonies revolve on cosmic dusts, and of lost riffs which have nothing to do with those melodies as well as to strengthen his increasing rhythms by hijacking them, the time to say phew, from their original axes to get rid of the slowness and switch to more invigorated structures. Hammered percussions, sequences which make of leapfrog and riffs which clean up the ears, "Dream Exhauster" spits in our loudspeakers a structure of rock which hangs onto the drum and its technoïd drives. The rhythm is very Teutonic, a little like Bowie in Berlin dance period, with howling riffs of electronic guitar which manages all the same to scatter some beautiful floating solos.
The guitar, played by Robert Schroeder himself, is omnipresent on “Cool Vibes”. If it floats of its soloïc chords on the very ambient and Berlin School style "Timeshifting Area", doubtless the most beautiful track of “Cool Vibes” with these sequences which hiccup in fine spirals, it cuts out the ambiences on "Present Views" whose transforming structure is similar to "Sundawn". "Eschnapur" is a good synth-pop which tries to get rid of a technoïd control and its banging of hands which resound through sequences swirling into fine syncopated spirals. Between the rhythm, sometimes tribal, and the morphic ambiences, "Eschnapur" explains itself the continual enrichments that Robert Schroeder breathes life into each of his tracks. There is nothing routine on “Cool Vibes” and everything is in perpetual movement. Even the slow rhythm of "GuitarMotion", a cosmic melody which is inspired by Manuel Gottsching's play, and the very cosmic "Electron Dust" of which the slow introduction eventually ends to be harpooned by a timid techno wrapped by floating pads and solos. "Magic Keys" ends the adventure of cosmic rhythms with this guitar which has an ascendency on all this whole testamentary work from Food For Fantasy. The rhythm is soft and caresses our ears as "Cool Vibes" had did in the opening.
For several fans of EM of progressive style or Berlin School, Food For Fantasy is the antithesis of this movement which feeds on more experimental structures and improvisations centered on mathematical approaches. It's synth-pop which makes the most of what comes along all styles that Kraftwerk splendidly concocted with its Man Machine. We regret the evasive approaches of the duet of origin, Double Fantasy, on the very brilliant Universal Ave. On the other hand, give to Robert Schroeder what is Robert Schroeder's; the man is an ingenious composer and an excellent designer of sounds, equipments who makes more than gild a style became anemic over the years. He injects within his structures, in solo and as well with Food for Fantasy, a personal touch that we will recognize between one thousand and sonic elements which attract the hearing. And it's the strength of “Cool Vibes” which offers 9 structures splendidly decorated by a musical fauna as unique as invigorating where every composition stretches into rhythmic spasms and morphic phases as much unexpected as wished.

Sylvain Lupari (July 18th, 2013)
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