lundi 17 juin 2013

RICHARD BONE: Images from a Parallel World (2013)

“Faithfull to Richard Bone's eclectic conceptual approach, Images from a Parallel World is an album of a stunning diversity where all the facets of EM are visited. All but Berlin School”
1 A Deeper Shade of Sleep 6:29
2 Eucalyptico 6:16
3 Dadaelia 6:07
4 Trans Mutual Sunshine 6:47
5 Cathedral Spires 4:58
6 System Wide Slumber 5:57
7 Simple Sirius 4:17
8 Eight Sufis Swinging 6:35
9 Lavacicles 5:31
10 Lithographic Lines Love 5:01
11 Of Flowers and Fools 4:48
12 Atma Is 4:24

AD MUSIC | AD114CD (CD 67:34) ***½ (Versatile range of harmonious EM)
"A Deeper Shade of Sleep" starts this Richard Bone's new musical adventure on AD Music with a concerto for angelic voices. Chords in to tones of harpsichord or of baroque guitars waddle in the harmonious furrows of those choruses, drawing two lines of parallel harmonies which melt in the ear with a surprising musical poetry. While the voices begin to hum, percussions are flavouring the absent rhythm. The soft strikings give to the track a form of cerebral trance that layers of synth caress of their vampiric veils. And "A Deeper Shade of Sleep" drinks of fanciful sitar, plunging slowly into a phase of electronic rock skilfully manipulated by a meshing of percussions, as much handily as by drum sticks, and sequences which shake a rhythm trapped in its astral waves.
Down from its 6 minutes, "A Deeper Shade of Sleep" is the reflection of “Images from a Parallel World”. Like a musical anaconda, the music of the Richard Bone's last opus changes of skins, allying eclecticism and melody in structures which maintain alive their embryonic forms. If at the beginning we get lost in this strange electronic folklore, we are rather easily seduced by this carousel of harmonies which turns constantly on structures as much hard to seize than a snake. If there are a few simplistic tracks, I think in particular of "Eucalyptico", "Lithographic Lines Love" and "Of Flowers and Fools" with light rhythms full of drive, synths with catchy harmonies and nice orchestrations, the rest is my faith as convincing than impressive with a pleiad of tracks which deserve a more ample investigation of the hearing.
"Dadaelia" is a beautiful ambient track where the ends of chords are splitting up into multiple shimmering mirrors fragments which twinkle and resound in a space as dark as the pulsations of a bass line of, drawing so the slow agony of 6 great minutes of ambient music. "Trans Mutual Sunshine" pours its sorrow into the morphic ashes of "Dadaelia" before mutating into a beautiful lunar down-tempo where the chords of glasses, and their shadows, forge the shroud of a beautiful ballad for agitated nights. More fragile, "Cathedral Spires" is a very good lunar melody which hangs on to a meshing of drummed percussions. "System Wide Slumber" is a great monument of ambience which caresses juvenile dreams. The synth strata are smooth and float with such a weightlessness that it nails us in our waking dreams. And the seraphic choruses… Oh this is so beautiful. "Simple Sirius" is a sweet melody brightened up by some percussions sounding like xylophone hits which give a freshness of the Caribbean Islands to this track which could have been a great one for a documentary about penguins. It's a little bit like "Eucalyptico", except that there is a little something that hooks the hearing. "Eight Sufis Swinging" is a macabre procession which changes finely its skin before falling in a kind of a rather suggestive blues. That's the kind of track that we don't expect, that we don't see coming, in particular with some brilliant Arabian orchestrations, and which eventually charm, otherwise disturb. The same goes for "Lavacicles" whose intro is also sinister but of which the evolution amazes with its rhythms and its harmonies which follow the contiguity of the intro. "Atma Is" surprises us with its approach of organic hip-hop, demonstrating so all the eclecticism and Richard Bone's versatility on “Images from a Parallel World”.
You remember Michael Stearns' Plunge? It's a little to what makes me think “Images from a Parallel World”. It's an album of a stunning diversity where all the facets of EM are visited, except those of Berlin School style. We find some synth-pop, down-tempo, black and cosmic ambiences mounting of beautiful lunar harmonies. This is a beautiful album with some nice pearls that fans of Berlin School will unfortunately have to let it pass...unless that, like me, other kind of good EM doesn't bother you at all.

Sylvain Lupari (June 17th, 2013)

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