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REMY & MY BREATH MY MUSIC: Sessions 2012 (2013)

“Sessions 2012 is a striking album where the sensivité of Remy shines through the breaths of a life nailed in a wheelchair”

1 Temptation 13:29 (with Korneel Oskam)
2 In High Places 17:33 (with Christian Gouweleeuw)
3 Hunter 15:14 (with Glenn Nugteren)
4 Full Moon 15:03 (with Karin van Dijk)

Deserted Music Island | DIM003 (CD 61:20) ****

(Theatrical Dutch School)

A strange beauty, fragile and poetic, emanates from this last work of Remy. “Sessions 2012” is an album about resiliency where 4 handicapped persons offer to the music of Remy quite another dimension. My Breath My Music is a quartet consisted of Korneel Oskam, Christian Gouweleeuw, Glenn Nugteren and Karin van Dijk. Persons heavily disabled who play an instrument specially conceived for those who have none, or little, mobility at the level of arms so that they can create EM. This wind instrument looks strangely like these tubes that the handicapped persons put between their lips to activate their wheelchair. But in fact it's based on the concept existing wind controllers like the Yamaha WX-series. The Magic Flute can be connected to other sources of electronic equipments, such as synths or MIDI software, so multiplying a wider range of musical winds, fluty breaths, tones of synths and wind instruments of which the profound sensibility seems to have no secrets for 4 members of the Wind quartet.
Be not surprised if you recognize in "Temptation" the furtive structure of rhythm that we hear in I-Dentity from the album of the same name. For the needs for the cause, where all the profits of “Sessions 2012” will go to the My Breath My Music foundation, Remy offered four structures which come from the following albums; The Great Church Trilogy, I-Dentity and Exhibition of Dreams, to the members of this quartet of winds. Except that everything is in the winds. Here, they are contortionists. They marry to the ethereal forms and melt themselves with delight in the original solos on a structure which lost nothing of its originality. "In High Places", which is a reworked version of the digital download track from I-Dentity; Vulnerable,
is striking of emotivity with the very heart-rending breaths of Christian Gouweleeuw. We would believe to hear a synth with a soul where the windy lamentations of Gouweleeuw follow the slow dark crescendo of this fascinating track which takes here a whole new dimension. To tell the truth, I prefer this version which is simply poignant. "Hunter" plays on the flowerbeds of Destination Berlin III, still from I-Dentity, with a sound of acoustic guitar which brings a touch of flamingo to this track fed by curt and cutting chords of a bass line which doesn't stop throbbing of its threatening circles. Glenn Nugteren brings fluids solos in the 2nd portion. Complex solos which compete at ease with a synth manipulated fiercely on a track that we hardly recognize and, once deprived of its primary harmonies, reveal a very beautiful structure of at the same time tribal rhythm and groovy, but heavy and curt. "Full Moon" is a wonderful reworked version of the soft and romantic Lunascape from the famous EoD. The ethereal synths breaths to the aromas of angelic voices are replaced by breaths of saxophone splendidly returned by Karin van Dijk who is more nostalgic than rainwater on a faded rose.
Sessions 2012” is a beautiful charitable project of Remy where the best of his melancholy finds itself in the pain of 4 persons to the sensibility multiplied tenfold by a life without remorse. The work is striking, in particular because of the reworked versions of Vulnerable and of Lunascape, where the synths find a soul that even the analogue couldn't give. It's very good. The choice of tracks is judicious with a beautiful balance between drama and its unsuspected happiness. And as I wrote in start; there is a strange beauty behind My Breath My Music which gives to life the breaths which are too often lacking in our imagination, in our need to understand what escapes a vision which refuses to see. Hat to you Remy, to have accompanied My Breath My Music throughout his four compositions. But especially hat to Korneel Oskam, Christian Gouweleeuw, Glenn Nugteren and Karin van Dijk. Persons to have known how to find in the music of Remy this little something that makes him so unique and to have exploited it with so much depth as the Dutch synthesist.

Sylvain Lupari (June 7th, 2013)
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