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SYNDROMEDA: The Final Conspiracy (2009)

“The Final Conspiracy is a good album of complex EM which won't disconcert the fans of Syndromeda, nor the fans of Berlin School”
1 The Rise and Fall of the Chaos 10:56
2 Break the Walls 4:06
3 The Illusion 9:11 
4 Discover the Temple 9:11 
5 Funny Looking People 11:37 
6 The Revenge 10:50 
7 Switch 9:06 
8 Kojo no Tsuki 1:52

SinSyn | 200902 (CD-r 66:55) ***½
(Progressive Berlin School)

Strange tones, coming from a world in perdition floating between a cosmos calcified by its dense sound fauna and its depth of heavens, open the introduction of "The Rise and Fall of the Chaos". The circles with outlines eroded by reverberations is stabilizing little by little by making jingles, gnawing this uncomfortable blackness before sinking into the soft whirlwind of a heavy line of sequences and of its stumbling rhythmic covered of a synth to acid singings and twisted lamentations. This heavy rhythm pursues its cosmic ride by crossing a dark and thundering movement where subtle of resonances degrade the magnificence of this structure which quietens down to sink into cosmic waters. An apocalyptic siren filters its stridencies there whereas a vocoder is talking like he was whispering in a metallic nothingness streaked by ochred strata, plunging us in a dark radioactive ambience where the tempo beats lazily under a synth to laments always so corrosive and distorted. Welcome to the strange world of Dany Budts and to “The Final Conspiracy” whose "The Rise and Fall of the Chaos" announces the colors of a heavy album filled by intriguing, puzzling and mysterious tones. Such are the qualifiers that occur me to describe as good as possible this last album of the enigmatic Syndromeda. "Break the Walls" is a track with a seething rhythm where the synth soliloquizes in a misty ambience which wraps itself with a mass of streak in ebullition. "The Illusion" is a long sclerosed ode which begins to undulate at its mid-point with a jerked sequential movement which espouses a delicate crystalline wave under a somber ambience full of caustic reverberations. It's a soporific track but of an intriguing atonal heaviness, ideal for a nightmarish passage in a good horror movie. "Discover the Temple" is a very imaginative track as I love them. An intro with soft blows and clanic choruses of a jungle flew over by ochred synth veils quietly awake an increasing movement. A rhythmic pulse shapes a slow and hypnotic tempo which is pierced by some curt breaths which whistle as darts going out of their blowpipes beneath a rich sound dome full of synth streaks and broken solos. A more crystal clear sequence, forged by circles echoing, adds some more depth to this strange tribal rhythm which strides along a pleasantly heavy and mesmerizing rhythmic path. This is a very good track.
A structure of wave-like and fluid sequences opens "Funny Looking People". This movement of sequences, which sounds so much like TD's, harpoons a rhythm which is sustained by a bass line flooded under an avalanche of shrill and circular sharp solos by moments melodious and other moments jerked. "The Revenge" rages on thunders of percussions which break up the nothingness, following a soft vaporous intro. These percussions thunder in a heterogeneous universe where distant voices and Mellotron breezes are courting court a strange sound whirlwind which takes shape of an atonal Hindu dance. "Switch" pounds on a wriggling line of sequences wrapped with a Mellotron aura which breathes life to a fine bass line. Delicate synth streaks overhang a sound horizon watered of scattered keyboard keys and synth solos of which the circles are tie together into a melodious minimalist pattern. After the first three minutes of dreaming some curt and clear percussions are colliding slightly within the structure to lead it towards more increasing rhythms, without ever becoming too fervent, to end on a stumbling sequential movement encircled by well spicy solos. It's a track which has all its effect with a good headphone, giving thus the opportunity to discover all the sound wonder which surround "Switch". The same thing applies to the whole album which is a nest for heterogeneous tones. The album ends with a short and strange track in "Kojo no Tsuki" and its strange tenebrous procession which goes out of a dark Middle Ages, testifying of the conceptual strangeness of this 19th opus from a musician which merges marvellously fat and undulating sequences to synths to the tones as colourful as sharp. “The Final Conspiracy” is a good album of complex EM which won't disconcert the fans of Syndromeda, nor the fans of Berlin School style who like EM with a zest of progressive touch.
Sylvain Lupari (October 9th, 2009 and translated on April 16th, 2013)

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