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STEPHEN PARSICK: Permafrost-Music for Hibernation (2010)

“Permafrost-Music for Hibernation enrolls under the registers of experimental ambient music where Stephen Parsick innovates within advanced techniques of recording”

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Doombient.Music sp004 (CD-r 76:00) ***½
(Dark ambient music)

Least that we can say is that Stephen Parsick is not afraid of ambitious artistic projects, projects that are out of the blue. Created in the Siberian coldness which covered the whole Eastern Europe from December 2009 till February 2010, “Permafrost-Music for Hibernation” is an ode to iciness which has rages in this sector where the wintry temperatures exceeded very often 30 degrees Celsius. Colds which bite the skin and freeze the eyes as the soul of nature that the German sound sculptor has knew how to catch with an artistic approach worthy of the great sound and wildlife explorers. In order to well seize this ice and coldness symphony, Stephen Parsick has settled microphones in order to record the murmurs of the ices, wind and snowfalls. The result is a stunning enchanting world where the solitude of hibernations can be felt from the tip of our ears.
An ice which is forming or which is fissuring opens this polar ode. Slowly the listener feels submerged by this glacier desert where the silence is the only witness of an inhospitable environment. The long and slow atonal strata traverse this silence of snows, wrapping this wintry incursion of a heavy sound coat where linear streaks tear an ambiance of white marble. Such as a dance of auroras borealis floating under our eyes without producing the slightest sound, a slow symphony blows in the cold. It's an enchanting universe, and horribly beautiful, which blows in our ears. It's a freezing universe where the madness of the intense cold brings us to hear sirens murmuring beneath the ices. Ices which collide and whose movements are amplified by the range of the microphones. Caustic and glacial, the universe of Stephen Parsick ravels into our ears with a never ending brittleness and an insidious cruelty which is the resultant of the cold on a naked body. Throughout this ode to coldness and to loneliness, Stephen Parsick  modulates its sonorities in order to drag the listener into the twilights of a winter that has no ending with multi strata of drones which glide under slow morphic layers. These are synth layers of a caustic soundscapes which reaches the paroxysms of tension while slipping into atmospheres with variations of weather. It's a cold universe. A somber one which unfolds with all the meticulousness of its Siberian exploration where are floating some beautiful synth layers sometimes obscures but also of a fine limpidity, a little as if the light wanted to pass through this thick curtain of solid water. Floating, with the slow modulations of the soft oscillations, the mordant universe of Parsick reaches its peaks of sonorous tranquility in a universe however upholster by heavy layers which tear the winter silence, like a huge knife which would want to mutilate a silk sheet beneath the reverberations of an amplified sonority.
Permafrost-Music for Hibernation” enrolls under the registers of experimental ambient music where his designer innovates within advanced techniques of recording. The outcome is a strange winter symphony where the cosmos is frozen under water, but however still perceptible because of the sound fauna which lends itself easily to the delirious of a loneliness where all can be intermingle, like mirages of a virginal coldness. The fans of Stephen Parsick, and of his ambitious projects, won't be disappointed by this glacial ode to the abyssal blackness because, even if the universe of ambient is strongly solicited, the German synthesist is successful in always to astonish by his sound structures as limpid as invisible, and this even when surrounded by a poetic blackness.

Sylvain Lupari (August 23rd, 2009 and translated on April 20th, 2013)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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