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STEPHEN PARSICK: Hoellenengel (2005)

“Hoellenengel is a dark album where the ambient and the experimental phases take their sources of inspirations in Vangelis, Steve Roach and Michael Stearns”
1 Der Tod 3:30
2 Der Prinz 5:38
3 Die Koenigin 5:49 
4 Die Burg 6:06
5 Der Leichenkeller 7:44 
6 Der Barde 4:00
7 Der Nullpunkt 10:46
8 Einer wartet immer 2:33 
9 Das Lied vom Ende 11:58
10 Das Observatorium 2:25
11 Das Auge des Horus 6:15
12 Auf dem Boden tote Engel verstreut 6:04

Doombient.Music LC6036 (CD 72:53) ****
(Dark ambient music)
Hoellenengel” is a dark album which draws its roots in the imaginary of the German synthesist who is a huge lover of deep black moods. Strongly inspired by Vangelis' Blade Runner, Stephen Parsick created his own story while attaching his musical vision to it. Hoellenengel is an angel of hell which torments and disturbs those he visits and it's from the depth of darkness that some acrid winds pierce the walls of innocence. As on Blade Runner, and of its brownish vapours, dark metallic lines to industrial taste pop out from an opaque universe with orchestrations of ghouls. “Hoellenengel” becomes then a slow dark procession with heavy and slinking movements which follow a tangent at both lugubrious and harmonious. On the wings of an underhand angel, the opus is waltzing on atonal movements where certain melodies emerge from Mephistophelean nothingness, as by enchantment, awaking our apathetic stupor. It's a tenebrous universe filled by droning sonorities, like these eyes of glass eye of a Cyclops which lights up the shadowed towers and of which the rotary axis sweeping up the buzzing pulsations.
And this world of “Hoellenengel” is as blacker than it could be sordidly strange. It's an increasing world of nebulosity where the life fails more than it lives on. In spite of this quasi-total darkness, there are good moments of beat where the rhythms are carrying away like on "The Queen", where Stephen Parsick amazes with a sequence movement completely built on an analog base, and "The Bard". The remainder! There are ashes of angels which invade a choking universe where the light ceased living and the life is lived in the distraught eyes. The beauty of this album gets measure to its design. It's a long method improvised and entirely played on a DAT. No sequencer, nor computer, or MIDI and overdubs. Woven of an enchanting blackness, this lugubrious fresco is built keys by keys giving so an astonishing result.
Hoellenengel” is a dark album where the ambient and the experimental phases take their sources of inspirations in Vangelis sonorities as well as the darkness tribal moods of Steve Roach and the effects of weightlessness that we find on the superb Chronos by Michael Stearns. With such a great ocean of inspirations, Stephen Parsick weaves the black ambiences of a story which can only be appealing and this even if it's of a prophetic heaviness.

Sylvain Lupari (August 11th, 2009 and translated on April 20th, 2013)
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