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STEPHEN PARSICK: Cambrium - Music For Protozoa (2009)

“Cambrium - Music for Protozoa is yet another dark ambient work where Stephen Parsick shows us the other side of microbiological life by the means of his music”

1 Proterozoikum 6:25
2 DNA Sequence 6:50
3 Ekectric Soup Kitchen 4:55 
4 Primordial Glurp 6:03 
5 Trilobite 6:17 
6 Amoeba 5:23 
7 Cambrium 12:05 
8 Medusa 4:48  
9 Urge to Live 10:44  
10 Radiolaria 4:18

Doombient.Music sp004 (CD-r 67:48) ***½
(Dark ambient music)
The least we can say is that Stephen Parsick is in a shady period where the atonal forms of a tetanized music seem to be far from its conceptual priorities. In the same stride as debris, although less heavy and more atmospheric, “Cambrium - Music for Protozoa” is a more psychedelic than structured musical journey, depicting so the microscopic universe that surrounds us on some atonal movements intertwined into the heavy and full of life musical structures of a noisy musical life. Recorded in concert on May 29th, 2009 at the University of Bielefeld for the annual night of sounds, this last release from the German synthesist is a sound reflection of an effervescent microbiological world. It's a surprising musical journey where the microscopic life is bubbling throughout the ARP 2600 and VCS-3; synths known for their warm tones with faces as much astral as hallucinogenic.
Emerging softly from the meanders of a boiling life of metaphoric streaks, "Proterozoikum" floats in a spectral universe where choirs and acid breaths are flavoring a micro organic life of strange luminous parasites which contort themselves like sound jellyfishes. Odd laughers of ashed witches emanate from this context where a subjacent life reigns with color palettes proper to Stephen Parsick. The first stammering of a world out of control are popping out on the overture of "DNA Sequence". These are spasmodic sequences which collide in a strange fusional ballet, dancing in a dislocated way such as marionettes that we imagine to be germs, or enzymes, which converge on some point of entry. It's an abstracted dance of a microbiological world which spreads its tones among organic and ambiospherical structures like we heard on "Ekectric Soup Kitchen", "Amoeba", "Medusa" and "Radiolaria" and other structures livened up by a sequential pulsatory rhythm like on "Tribolite", which beats under somber strata in an arrhythmic flow, and the title track which merges on heavy reverberations whereas the heaviness and the reverberating roundnesses of "Urge to Live" are similar to the sound vividness of the last ['ramp] album; debris.
An abstracted cerebral journey or a sound exploration of an underlying life; “Cambrium - Music for Protozoa” presents us a Stephen Parsickin great shape. The German synthesist brings us where he wants to, either into the borders of a musical adventure where the stellar merges marvellously to a sonorous world that only himself can define with a multitude of organic tones which can easily survive in both worlds.

Sylvain Lupari (December 2nd, 2009 and translated on April 22nd, 2013)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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