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PATCHWORK: Connect (2007/2012)

“Connect is a fair EM opus with a great sequencing mood which is not without recalling the harmonic rhythms of Tangerine Dream”

1 Enter Now 9:51
2 Connect 5:54
3 Dawn 12:02
4 Orbit 6:49
5 High Clouds 8:10
6 Out of the Dark 7:45
7 Flyby Wire 10:18
8 Final Approach 8:07

Syngate | CD-R PW02 (CDR 69:12) ***½
(Melodious rhythmic new Berlin School)

There is not much information on Patchwork except that it's a Dutch duet consisted of Rene Jansen and Ruud Heij. If one, Rene Jansen, is strongly inspired by the music of Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, the other one, Ruud Heij, is very influenced by the sequenced movements of Berlin School as it proves his membership in groups such as Kubusschnitt and Free System Projekt as well as his duet with Gert Emmens. Except that Patchwork is more a project than a band. It's the result of recordings sessions in the studio of Ruud Heij in the summer 1994, for a first eponym album released on Quantum Records in 1999, and in the 95's summer with Udo Scheyka which was going to give the album “Connect” which was available on line since 2007. Always in its quest to resuscitate interesting albums, invalidated by time and by lack of promotion, the Syngate label presents to fans of EM, especially those who like harmonious Berlin School, this fascinating recording session which has quite the appearances of being taken out of Tangerine Dream studios.
Arched on a sinister approach, with its threatening synth waves floating such as gases of ether, "Enter Now" presents a docile rhythmic approach which makes its flock of sequenced ions cavort in the trails of electronic percussions of which the passive rhythmic patterns remind us constantly that we are effectively listening to scalable studio recordings sessions. Smooth and floating, this rhythm awakens harmonic ions which gather in the docile harmonies of discreet synths. The title-track plunges us straight into
Tangerine Dream's Logos era, and this even if the intro and its vocoder awakens recollections of Neuronium, with crystal clear sequences which alternate their delicate knocks over the charms of soft and musical synths, allying solos and harmonies under a delicate rhythm. "Dawn" is a wonderful track which plunges us into our musical memories of Peter Baumann and his excellent Trans Harmonic Nights. The rhythm is always forged in this duel of percussions slamming like electronic whips, of these muffled pulsations and of these sequenced ions which skip in a symmetric anarchy, while that another fascinating melodious approach rests this time on synths and keyboards which divide and scatter their harmonious solos and Mellotron breezes under a quiet rhythmic magma. Minimalist, the track offers delicate variations as rhythmic as melodic which go up beyond "Orbit".
"High Clouds" is a monument of hypnotism with its heavy upward sequences which have difficulty in swirling in an intense synthesized mist where melodious solos tear the nostalgia with old Moog's tones. Sneaky the rhythm of "Out of the Dark" avoids the hearing captivity with ample sinuous movements which by-pass the torrents of a synth river filled by fragrances which are very near Edgar Froese's soils. If the first part is elusive, the second one accepts the offering of a fascinated listening with a beautiful approach which slightly brushes the beautiful electronic ballads of the
Dream. It's the 2nd sturdy track on “Connect” which keeps going on its seducing path with "Flyby Wire" and its chords with hybrid tones which zigzag in indecision before borrowing a more stoical pattern where electronic percussions and pulsing sequences are exchanging the cadenced airs on a rhythmic structure with the in outlines as much indefinite as the mists and the fleeting harmonies of the discreet synths. "Final Approach" ends “Connect” with this cocktail of ions and sequenced pulsations which pound with heaviness on the delicate harmonies of synth always so diffident, concluding thus a musical universe which is more centred on sequences and their rhythmic embryos to latent tortuous evolutions than melodies and ambiences of synths which are make more than discreet in this ode to Tangerine Dream's sequenced works.

Sylvain Lupari (February 17th, 2013)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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