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RON BOOTS: Detachment of Worldly Affairs (1994)

Voted as the best EM album in 94, Detachment of Worldly Affairs is another strong album of Ron Boots who gradually leaves his imprints in a style which is now know as the Netherlands School

1 Detachment of Worldly Affairs I 11:54
2 Cool Down 7:07
3 Detachment of Worldly Affairs II 7:49
4 Lachrymation 12:60
5 Breath the Living Air 9:55
6 Free Flying Spirits 13:45
7 Far Bounderies

Groove | GR1108 (CD 72:28) **** (Base Sequenced Netherlands School)

I have to say that digging in the past of Ron Boots' musical world is the equivalent of a nice treasures hunting. After my pleasant hearing of Different Stories and Twisted Tales, here I am again exploring the sound meanders of “Detachment of Worldly Affairs”; a surprising album where heavy rhythms bind themselves into more cosmic, even heterogeneous, passages to create one of the beautiful albums of the 90's. An album where we also seize the clear influence of Ron Boots on artists such as Rainbow Serpent, Pyramid Peak, Axess, Gert Emmens, Certamen and as well as several other names that fill our ears with a musical approach that we call Netherlands' School.
And it starts with metallic mooing which roar among floating sonorous hoops. "Detachment of Worldly Affairs I" offers an intro filled by eclectic tones which liven up near of a beautiful sequence. A sequence which undulates on a warm bass line structure to which is adding some good strikings of Harold Van Der Heijden's which united his rhythm to a keyboard with curt chords and a xylophone with crystalline strikes tones. The keyboard isolates itself and escapes to insufflate a melodious minimalism approach which hangs on to the ear on a rhythmic structure which amplifies around synth solos which spin with languidness on paces with subdivided sequences, where their echoes are molding a pleasant melodious pattern. As usual, Ron Boots' musical universe is dense and rich and "Detachment of Worldly Affairs I" starts again where Different Stories and Twisted Tales, ended. "Cool Down" brings back the tempo in a proportion closer to electronic ballad with a soft suave synth and its breaths of a virtual sax and its fine hesitating chords on a fine structure of bass which pulses of a delicate dreamy tempo. This is a soft electronic ballad which also furnishes the intro of "Detachment of Worldly Affairs II". A soft and warm opening which pours towards a structure with richer tones and its dramatic sparkles and its cosmic sound elements which float between good solos of synths and a pace built around some slightly syncopated spirals.
After a slow intro stuffed with tones of twisted metal which are melting into a synth to sinister breaths, a splendid sequence livens up "Lachrymation". Initially skips innocently, joining its chaste rhythm towards percussions to subtle tribal beats which liven up a tempo wrapped of synth velvet. Another more harmonious sequence move is molding at this surprising astral dance which pulses under a soft synth of cotton wool before embracing an ambient phase. A short phase where the rhythm takes back its rights under solos pushed by spectral impulses. It's a very good track which should become a classic in contemporary base sequenced EM. After a deafening opening, "Breath the Living Air" takes a very ambient tangent with a nice bass line waving beneath a sky covered of cosmic polyhedrons pushed by a synth to multiple breaths and to crystalline chords. It's a strange nothingness of lights and sounds pierced by the ghostly voice of Ron Boots who engenders a kind of cerebral hypnosis. After this cerebral rest "Free Flying Spirits" gets us out of this prismic coma with a great play of sequences which hiccup in the shade of very good percussion hits and synth streaks which draw an extremely powerful musical weft. Of all the EM albums that I heard this must be one of the heaviest and melodious tracks to roll between my ears. It's pure and rich rhythm which takes root on sequences among which the vibrations and the resonances make a perpetual sequence of movements on tribal percussions which add a surrealist touch to a totally unbridled track. Powerful and brilliant! "Far Bounderies" ends with a cosmic excursion where all is in suspension. It's a long ambient piece of music where shards of keyboards decorate a firmament of heavy synth waves and that astral choirs are chanting an ode to serenity.
Remixed and reedited in 99 by the Groove label, “Detachment of Worldly Affairs” is a pure musical marvel. Ron Boots multiplies wild rhythms on daring sequences and develops a melodious approach that fits so well to his robust style. This is a very good album, his best in my opinion from this era, which was voted by fans as the best 94's album and where Ron Boots approaches all the musical forms of a Berlin School which quickly turns out to be the Netherlands one.
Sylvain Lupari (March 17th, 2010 and translated on January 12th, 2013)

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