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JEROME FROESE: Shiver me Timbers (2007)

Jerome has grown and is a step forward by offering a hard-hitting electronic album which allies great ambiences, rhythms and harmonies on explosive tracks
Shiver Me Timbers1 A Mellow Morning 6:09
2 Mrs. Misty Kiss 6:35
3 Airborne 7:10
4 Cartoony Universe 6:57
5 Inside the Secret 7:33
6 Paris in Peril 8:47
7 Im Museum Fuer Mechanik 7:14
8 Through Love and Deed 6:02
9 Playing for Penalties 5:22
10 Under the Black Flag 6:43
11 Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?

Moonpop | CD-703 (CD 73:03) **** (Rock'n'Teutronica)

After 2 years of wait, here's Jerome Froese's 2nd opus. So much to say it at once; Jerome is not Edgar, nor Tangerine Dream, but well and truly a strong musician, a very good writer and a studio wizard of a surprising maturity. The young Froese has grown and is a step forward by offering a hard-hitting electronic album which allies great ambiences, rhythms and harmonies on explosive tracks sat on corrosive evolutions. Jerome has a mastery on his studio and versatile equipments that is out of the ordinary, because every composition offers surprising arrangements besides offering unexpected forms, in a harmonious marigold of ethics. An obvious sign of ease and an increasing growing maturity.
Each of “Shiver me Timbers” track is well placed and has mesmerizing intros, like this mood of Greetings on "A Mellow Morning" which dives into the turbulences of a stroboscopic structure and "Airborne" which has a hard time in finding its rhythm in the whirlwind of sequences muffled in ochred winds. Honeyed intros which stand on syncopated, neurotic and hard-hitting sequences, like on "Cartoony Universe", "Paris in Peril" and "Under the Black Flag". All explosive tracks on staggering progressive structures. There are not that much resemblances with Tangerine Dream of the Rockoon years, except for "Cartoony Universe", or the Virgin years which weren't the favorite moods of Jerome anyway! The young Froese rather exploits a very bouncy psychedelic synth style with lot of curt guitar riffs and heavy striking percussions. Certainly that we find some misty ambiences here and there. They are of use for openings or are inserted for short periods in a middle of a track, but mainly they are pretexts to prepared the coming of explosive and furious sequences. Dynamite beats which brushes the impertinence of Trance on movements built around great controlled melodies. This is work of very good musician and great music builder. And it's in these mellow ambiences that very nice ballads like "Mrs. Misty Kiss", "Through Love and Deed" and "Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?" bring a delicious depth to this album which teems of contagious rhythms with catchy melodies. And on this level, "A Mellow Morning" and "Mrs. Misty Kiss" are among Jerome's great tracks. No wonder they fill the EP out of “Shiver me Timbers”; Precooked Munchies.
I discovered the world of Jerome lately and by the means of “Shiver me Timbers” which is a pleasant discovery. Those who think, like me, that Jerome is of cold nature have to see revise their positions, because “Shiver me Timbers” is everything except icy. There are superb tracks with a looks of ballad which explode on nervous rhythms and Froese son shows an incredible knowledge at the mastering and producing, because the whole thing flows with a strange metallic harmony. To hear and listen to at high volume and speed. Simply brilliant!

Sylvain Lupari (December 8th, 2007 and translated on January 7th, 2013)
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