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JEROME FROESE: Cases of Recurrence (2012)

“Cases of Recurrence is a great compilation which depicts aptly the eclectic approaches of Jerome Froese”

1 The Speed of Snow 6:35
2 Microchannel Surfing 5:13
3 Sea Miles 5:36
4 A Cold Spell in Spring 5:51
5 Joy and Sorrow 8:10
6 Glasmenagerie 5:11
7 Delusions of Lunacy 3:58
8 Safe and Sound 4:54
9 Sprachlabor 5:54
10 Summer Light Fantastic 5:45
11 Stiff Dose 6:07
12 Origin Unknown 3:34
13 Nemo's Cello 4:40
14 Ayon-X

Moonpop | CD-706 (CD 76:03) ***½
(Rock'n'Teutronica and Guitartronica)

If there is a point in common between Jerome Froese's universe and that of Tangerine Dream it's surely the commercial approach. Jerome loves pleasing to his unconditional fans by offering EP and singles in very limited, and rather expensive, edition inserted between the long awaiting which separate the making of his solo albums. And it won't take long before that those EP and singles are sold out and become objects of rarity, whipping up the burning wallets of Jerome Froese's new followers which grow more and more with years. You are missing some of these or all of the EP and singles made between Neptunes (2005) and Preventine Medecine (2010)? Well, no problems! Jerome (like dad) thought of it while concocting a nice compilation of his impossible to find tracks with in bonus … An unedited one ("Ayon-X") and two real rarities.
Cases of Recurrence”, a very appropriate naming, begins with "The Speed of Snow" and its small chime keys which dance on a stroboscopic rhythmic strand before exploding in a heavy and dense rhythm where guitar riffs and synth lamentations bear the delicate harmonies of the introductory arpeggios which sparkle on military drum rolling. This small jewel of this EP is not alone on this compilation because "A Cold Spell in Spring", a real beautiful and oniric track, and "Summer Light Fantastic", a bomb on harmonies, are also stuffing the invisible silvery furrows of “Cases of Recurrence”. "Microchannel Surfing" is 
Radio Pluto's only vestige (the 2 other tracks being on Neptunes). It's a nice dark ballad sat on percussions a bit clanic which tom-tom beneath the hazes and the melodies of a melancholic synth. "Nemo's Cello" is a track lost in the meanders of the Internet's parallel universe which is also part of the Neptunes' adventure. Available only in downloadable version, this tune offers a soft ethereal mood with pleasant voices of mermaids which float such as waves in our sleeps and dreams. This track shows another side of Jerome who seems at ease on ambient moments. "Sea Miles" is out of the Precooked Munchies EP. It's another lively music piece which finds its delight due to its surprising sequences which roll like sequenced balls on a mi-techno mi-rock structure. If the starting is relatively soft with its sequences gliding on rolling loops series, the rhythm becomes stronger by a bass line with heavy oscillations which exactly awaken this surprising meshing of balls sequences of which the jingles are waving above the echoes of the hits from just as much creative percussions. This is rhythm and harmony united in what is of more effective. "Joy and Sorrow" respects the patterns established by Jerome in the course of his works. The rhythm is polyphased and eventually exploded in a heavy and loud rock'n'Teutronica with powerful riffs and good harmonious solos. This compilation also offers Precooked Munchies' hidden track; "Origin Unknown" which is a real frenzy of bells, ringing, jingles and pulsations of which the quirky tones burst in vapors of ochre. Einzelkind's "Glasmenagerie" is a powerful whirlwind manhandled by knocks of percussions. The structure is heavy and filled of a delicious musicality which stores its harmonious filets throughout the jerky riffs of his Guitartronica. Other hillside of Einzelkind, "Sprachlabor", is even heavier with an intro which turns around a long stream of sequences eroded by powerful reverberations which break the beat into a curt, powerful and hatched one. Preventine Medecine's "Delusions of Lunacy" is a superb piece which calls back the TD years. The structure is twitchy and waves like a neurotic stroboscope while being bitten by wild solos of guitars and synths which short-circuit themselves on a rhythmic structure with both faces. "Stiff Dose" dives even farther into Preventine Medecine with a hyper bouncy rhythm which pounds energetically on spasmodic chords and drum rolls. The Guitartronica is a furious steamroller and the percussions tear up a rhythm which finds finally asylum in the ethereal breaths of an angelic choir. Finally the new unedited track, "Ayon-X" is a faithful reflection of Jerome Froese's recent works. Sequences swirl like fireflies in a carousel of glass, drawing a melodious route which streams on a stroboscopic structure where the orchestral arrangements steal the show from the shy harmonies of a synth which scatters ethereal breaths out of its 2nd mouth. There is something extremely appealing in this track which is a skillful marriage of the Tangerine Dream ambiences from the Schmoelling years and those more contemporary from Jerome Froese's.
If you don't possess all of these EP and singles aimed by this compilation, go get “Cases of Recurrence”. It's a great compilation which depicts aptly the eclectic approaches of
Jerome Froese. On the other hand, I don't see the necessity of loosening the cords of his grant only that for "Nemo's Cello" and "Origin Unknown", unless having a big crush on psychedelicosmic ambiences, and this even if "Ayon-X" is a great unreleased track...yet. In brief, it's beautiful, lively and essential if Precooked Munchies or The Speed of Snow or still Preventine Medecine and Einzelkind are lacking in your collection.

Sylvain Lupari (January 9th, 2013)
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