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GERT EMMENS: The Tale of the Warlock (2006)

“On futuristic or medieval themes, Gert Emmens always succeeds to bring out again a melodious and catchy aspect out of his wonderful musical journeys”

1 The Warlock Returns 10:33
2 Warlock meets the Young Princess 16:24   
3 Myths and Legends as told by the Storyteller 13:45 
4 The Dream That Came True 3:47 
5 The Confrontation-Warlock vs the Wizard of the Dark 17:17   
6 Ghosts Calling from Yonder 11:20
7 Warlock’s Death

Groove | GR-135 (CD78:42) **** (Sequencing Netherlands School)

 Since Wanderer of Times, released in 03, Gert Emmens built himself a solid reputation to write very harmonious opuses which bubble in a fauna of sequences with tricky and complexly melodious movements. Futuristic or medieval themes, the Dutch synthesist always succeeds to bring out again a melodious and catchy aspect out of his wonderful musical journeys. “The Tale of the Warlock” is Gert Emmens' 1st concept album. An imaginary quest of which the music espouses to perfection the romantic imagination of a musician with whom evolution doesn't stop surprising and charming.
A scheming intro welcomes us with "The Warlock Returns". A breath from the shadows leaves a threatening sound imprint, like the caresses of a mermaid which enchants in the middle of rumblings from which venue is unknown from us. A superb dark sequence skips and flutters in an ambience where choirs and shouts of bat confirm its dense darkness. Another shorter and sharper sequence modulates a more fluid rhythm which leans on these unique beatings and pads from a synth to stagnant waves. It's a gloomy and a disturbing landscape that waits for the Warlock return, even if the synth harpoons an undulating movement and draws a splendid melody which remains anchored as a thematic tune. The percussions are heavy and accompany a synth to strata as much heavy of which the harmonious course is constantly evolving. The evolution and the modulation of the poly-phased rhythms and structures are the big strength of Gert Emmens who explores constantly new developments with the continual arrival of new lines of sequences to very melodious outlines. These static and dark sequences shape the intro of "Warlock meets the Young Princess", where we feel Warlock following a long intimidating corridor. The echo of a muffled knock inundates this solitary outline by a segment of synth with supple chords and short silky solos, like a short luminous fairytale. A shower of chords is the forerunner of the modulations to come.
And the synth frees ethereal and silky strata of which the weak ascending flow opens the rhythm of "Myths and Legends as told by the Storyteller", a track swarming of sumptuous solos which coo on the undulations of a sequences line of which the syrupy chords are crossing a musical landscape stuffed with synth melodies. This melodious brightness disappears halfway, leaving a long resonant trail which floats on the territory of ambient noises. A sequence pops out of there. Galloping, it progresses on percussions to felted metal of which the striking are flickering as an unreal insect on the airs of a very beautiful synth to nostalgic strata and violin strings hurt by the stigmas of a forgotten war. After the progressive hypnosis of "The Dream that Came True", we enter into the celestial intro of "The Confrontation–Warlock versus the Wizard of the Dark". A sequential structure swirls in an ionosphere which gets fill by diverse tones. Scattered tones which roam on a mesmerizing and hypnotic movement of sequences where choirs, felted percussions and beautiful solos tinted with schizophrenia furnish this heterogeneous universe torn by indecision. Behind a spectral breath, the sequences of "Ghosts Calling from Yonder" reach titanic proportions. Wonderful felted sequences which quiver on sieved metallic percussions undertake its spiraled rise on the back of a synth fed of melodious chords. In my opinion it's the most beautiful music piece on “The Tale of the Warlock”; a very nice album which ends in a sad and funeral way that Gert Emmens makes so soberly good, as the rest of this album and its story so well told.

Sylvain Lupari (28/03/2007 and translated on 13/01/2013)
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