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GERT EMMENS: A Boy's World (2007)

“Gert Emmens' universe is unique and A Boy's World plunged us within it with strong sequences and great melodies on musical themes in continual movements”
1 School’s Out 10:40
2 Gaming Part I: Battles are Won and Lost 21:26
3 Life Around the Sand Castle 9:55
4 Gaming Part II: The Quest 20:32
5 Adolescent Behavior 10:48
6 Nothing lasts Forever

Groove | GR-143 (CD 78:51) ****½ (Sequenced Netherlands School)

Gert Emmens is a sure value in the world of EM. Since Wanderer of Times the Dutch synthesist aligns opuses of an exceptional quality, allying the complexity of his long exploratory parts to melodious themes which hang on. Dedicated to the imagination of his 12 years' old son, “A Boy's World” is a pure masterpiece of rhythmic constancy with stunning movements of sequences which shape poly directional rhythms in an at the same time progressive and melodious musical universe. Wrapped by a wonderful artwork, draw by the artist George Grie (whom I invite strongly you to watch his works on his site, “A Boy's World” transcends the imagination with a hardly felt youth approach.
Frank's fantastic journey begins after school. The particles of ion surrounding his imagination are fine atmospheric dusts which transport him, as well as us, in a rich and heavy ambience. It's the beginning of a fantastic sound journey. A beautiful movement of sequences, as heavy as slow and with a catchy melodious thematic, establishes a galloping tempo, like being on a plain worked of small hillocks. "School's Out" becomes a kind of galactic western stuffed by splendid solos and Mellotron breaths to cut the musical horizon of a rebel tenderness. The slamming percussions add a cosmic electronic dimension to a track with fine modulations. The percussions and the sound effects form a mesmerizing contrast and are admirably well run by Gert Emmens. The rhythms draw by the sequencer on "Gaming Part I: Battles are Won and Lost", are heavy and threatening. The sound effects which circulate there and hoot to the nothingness are superb and encircle a strange eclectic world which is guided by these so beautiful synths and sequencers to varied humors, cutting the rhythm into constantly evolving modulations. This is an excellent track with tempos moving in crescendos on furious sequences of which the freed ions are winding through pleasant synth solos. An atmospheric passage gets through it towards the 14th minute, forging a new sequenced structure which gives free rein to a very libertine synth. The 2nd part of "Gaming Part I: Battles are Won and Lost", "The Quest", is the most beautiful moment on “A Boy's World”. The sequencer draws a stuntman kind of rhythm after a superbly melodious intro, paving the way to a unique Emmensian mixture where synths, choirs and sequencers unite to create a harmonious theme which sticks on the hearing and this in spite of the numerous changes of orientations. Listening the synth whistling for the melodious sweetness of the winds on the shifting forms of the charming rhythms is a delight which makes our spine shaking as much as the last melancholic thoughts of the soul. A brilliant track, complex maybe but which has an equal only her sensibility once tamed. "Life Around the Sand Castle", quite as "Teenager Behavior" and "Nothing lasts Forever" are more ferocious tracks, strongly livened up by sequences to unexpected course. Each offers structures and colorful passages as well as more flexible and softer nuances, in particular "Teenager Behavior" and its brilliant Mellotron.
Gert Emmens' univers is unique. We hear rhythms and feel ambiences molded in contradictory avenues where melodies bloom like roses on tumultuous fields. “A Boy's World” is another strong album filled by this universe of sequences and synths to surprising evolutionary plans. I liked from beginning to end with in addition a handful of shivers love for the music and its numerous new developments. Strongly recommended!
Sylvain Lupari (18/06/2007 and translated on 13/01/2013)
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