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VARIOUS DiN: Index03 (2008)

“In Index03 Ian Boddy knits a wonderful musical pattern where every style, nevertheless so different, coils up in a splendid mosaic of 77 minutes”
1 B2 Gigacosm 4:38     2 Foundry 3:18
3 Geode 2:53     4 Particular Moments 4:31
5 Conundrum 4:21     6 Slow Hand 5:56
7 The First Cry 4:05     8 Rapture 4:38
9 Beneath Fear 4:03     10 Veiled 4:32
11 Trident 3:52     12 Distracted 2:46
13 Dawn/Bleep/Dusk 3:01     14 Tane 4:41
15 Lithosphere 5:37     16 Phased Realities 3:29
17 Fracture 3:09     18 Elemental

DiN30 (DDL 73:54) **** (Berlin School, electronica, dark ambient, psybient)

EM is sorely lacking of visibility. For some it's a big multi-sonic thing where all styles are entangling no matter the origins. That is why that the influential people behind labels have to innovate in order to make better known their products and so widen the horizons of a public curious but more perplexed than fascinated in front of an art that many consider constructed on lines of coldness. Ian Boddy takes the lead by offering free of charge a compilation aiming 9 works of his label, like Index02 last year. “Index03” regroups music coming from artists with styles so much diversified that the pallet of genres of the electronica and classic EM is adequately represented. You just have to click on a link, download and let yourself being rock by a music without borders.
The adventure begins with "B2 Gigacosm" from Surface 10 (Surface Tensions) which offers a delicious psy down-tempo of which the jerky cramps hiccup in a smooth organic musical fauna. The synth layers inject a disturbing lunar ambience with spectral waves which little by little lose their threatening shadows in more dramatic lines of violin. Ian Boddy's "Foundry", from Elemental binds itself to the finale by displaying muffled pulsations which espouse a tortuous rhythmic pattern. The rhythm is loud. Each chord trembles under its weight, unveiling a resonant ray where are banging percussions of a sordid universe and are ringing frivolous sequences which sing in this chthonian universe. "Geode" from Lithosphere (one of the two albums of the duet Ian Boddy and Robert Rich to niche on this compilation) calms down a little the mood with a more ambient title. Keys are clinking into bright hoops under guitar strata forged in howling twilights. "Particular Moments" is from Tetsu Inoue's Yolo. It's psybient music where lives lazily an organic fauna which moves at the speed of a two-toed sloth. After a chloroformed intro, "Conundrum" (from the album of the same name) of the Hoffmann-Hoock/Wöstheinrich duet attacks our ears with a delicious lascivious and pulsating tempo of a Hindu tribal kind where Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock's guitar is simply brilliant. It's as much beautiful as extremely mesmerizing. Ian Boddy masters his mixes and the coming of "Slow Hand", from the React album (Boddy
/Rich) immediately after "Conundrum" shows all the reach of his musical ear. The rhythm and the ambience are similar, to some variances near. More quivering "Slow Hand" trembles of its fragile chords and floats of its guitar strata sounding like ethereal choirs, moulding a strange hypnotic trance which espouses at no moment the glaucous pulsations that are pounding in a thick cloud of colorful jingles. We attend to one of the strong moments of “Index03” which continues on this momentum of loud but static rhythms, wrapped by a somber chthonian approach, with "The First Cry" from Radio Massacre International's Septentrional which is a mixture of Arc, Boddy and Boddy/Rich. And speaking of Arc, "Rapture" from Fracture intoxicates our ears with heavy and black Berlin School. The rhythm runs after its breath, trying to avoid these mephistophelic synth pads and these bats of which the winds and the metallic jingles crisscross those dense malefic woods. "Beneath Fear", from Parallel Worlds' Obsessive Surrealism concludes this 1st half of “Index03” with a heavy rhythm which resounds of its percussions to hybrid tones, bearing a surrealist melody whistling its innocence in a rhythmic chaos scattered by its bewitching traps of naivety.
With "Veil" we redo the tour of the 9 works that furnish the selection of “Index03”. Contrary to "Slow Hand", the approach is ambient and very contemplative. "Trident" from RMI charms us right on the spot with its synth pads à la Tangerine Dream which wrap a torrent of percussions from which the captive thunders release themselves to forge a hard-line rhythm. It's an electronic rock which pounds with its numerous knocks of percussions and which rolls under the chords of a mordant bass line of which the wild rhythm won't get rid completely of a Ricochet influence. A strong track! "Distracted" of Parallel Worlds intensifies this very rock progressive portion where Redshift, TD and King Crimson cogitate under the same roof over heavy undulatory rhythms which are not quite defined with their tentacular grips. As for me Surface 10 is the beautiful surprise of “Index03”. "Dawn Dawn/Bleep/Dusk Bleep" is a kind of lunar hip-hop which swirls in uncountable synth lines which hold captive the harmonies swooshing in loops. If the tempo is curt and hatched, the harmonious envelope has soon gulping it down to make it swirls into some electro-cosmic phases. Tetsu Inoue's "Tane" confirms him in his morphic electro acoustic style while that "Lithosphere" embraces the tangents of "Geode". After the eclectic "Phased Realities" (Hoffmann-Hoock/
, "Fracture" entails us in the black ambient phases of Arc. And even if a string of sequences sparkles there, even if the rhythm unwinds little by little, the title will see its explosion only in the movements of the percussions from "Elemental", so concluding a superb compilation put together of a master hand by the DiN's big man.
A compilation is a compilation! But not at DiN, nor with Ian Boddy!
One would make me “Index03” plays without announcing it that I would have some difficulty identifying every track so much they sound different outside their usual contexts. Ian Boddy knits a wonderful musical pattern where every style, nevertheless so different, coils up in a splendid mosaic of 77 minutes. Genial and it's free until December 31st, 2012. Here's the link:

Sylvain Lupari (December 5th, 2012)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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