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STEVEN LANCE: Fringe Runner (2012)

“Fringe Runner leads you into the lands of a bouncy and jerked ProgTronic. What is that?'s Steven Lance's music”
1 Flee for Your Life 6:48
2 Our Gods Are All Dead 6:32
3 Fringe Runner 7:49
4 As the Moons Rise 8:20
5 And if we’re Mistaken? 6:22
6 Exploring Uncharted Planet 9:04
7 Schrödinger's Cat 6:02
8 A Solution for Strangeland 6:18
9 Goodbye, Our Sun 6:18

STEVENLANCE | (CD-R 63:33) ***¼ (Experimental, psybient, progtronic and...all!)

Steven Lance is a New York multi-instrumentalist who likes a striking and very experimental EM. His very dishevelled style embraces the frenzies of Ozric Tentacles in a style that he calls ProgTronic where his very progressive structures rest on sequenced base music and harmonies demonized by envelopes of multi-lines synth. “Fringe Runner” is his 2nd album. An album of musical science fiction where the fate of the human race, which left the Earth because of the falls of galaxies, rests in the hands of Fringe Runners. A story quite indicated to feed the ambitious corridors of a music s much crazy as abstract.
White noises, extraterrestrial waves and dialogues of galactic toads open "Flee for Your Life". This short introduction is fast harpooned by a progressive approach of free-jazz with lines of sequences and pulsations which lash out in the movements of unbridled percussions, structuring so a crazy running of which the jerky movements are resting into brief atmospheric moments. The lines of synth are as much violent as the rhythm, weaving an approach more extraterrestrial than purely electronic. Once this introduction (quite violent I got to say) passed, we dive into a more musical universe with "Our Gods Are All Dead" which is a beautiful ambient moment with its delicate synth pads crying in heavy static waves. The title-track offers an abrupt structure, which is legion in this universe made of rhythmic kicks and jolts, with a jerked rhythm which spreads its multidirectional layers of knocks and strikings under good and very enveloping synth layers. The keyboard is melodious, weaving a universe of paradox between prog, electronic and jazz. These indomitable rhythms which support serrated melodious approaches are copious in the abstracted universe of Steven Lance. A universe that is quite difficult to describe so much it's colourful and that all what is living all over it bicker into musical tumults which are the core of experimental music. Thus the rhythm of "As the Moons Rise" is made of these brief jerked movements which, once put in Indian file, form a rhythmic in waterfalls filled of delicate spasms oscillating in fleeting harmonies.

"And if we’re Mistaken?" offers an intense approach of paranoia with heavy organ layers which widens its mirror of schizophrenia in a dramatic orchestral structure worthy of the Phantom of the Opera. Steven Lance is also capable of ambient and contemplative structures...sort of! And "Exploring Uncharted Planet" is quite a good one where earthly and cosmic elements are cogitating onto an oblong lunar procession punctuated of keen amporphic moments. It's intense and the hybridization of the clanic, cosmic and organic genres made show up reminiscences of Steve Roach and Robert Rich, but in a more daring form. So is "A Solution for Strangeland" which evolves also in processional way, embroidering a tribal organic intensity which breathes of its duality. Here are two ambient tracks whom the slow and black evolutions are eaten away by a concern from Lance skillfully transposed into music. And if we thought of having faced the absolute abstracted in "Flee for Your Life", it's that we didn't hear "Schrödinger's Cat" nor "Goodbye, Our Sun" which concludes an album sitting on the throne of electronic and experimental works rather difficult to tame.
Yes I had some difficulties to listening in a single and straight shot this Steven Lance's “Fringe Runner”. In all honesty, I even stopped the hearing twice rather than one. But once the first 20 minutes digested by our ears, we invade a sound fauna weaved in the nuances and the subtleties of a music at the quest of its universe of extraterrestrial fantasias. And it's by delight that we discover all the musicality and the dexterity of Steven Lance on an album where tones, and its underlying elements, are among the curiosities that we like taming within a good headphone. It was moreover an approach very appreciated by my Lise.

Sylvain Lupari (December 11th, 2012)
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