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['ramp] & markus reuter: ceasing to exist (2007)

“ceasing to exist is a long ambient quest where ['ramp] and Markus Reuter polish their styles within their own perceptions and variations of tones”
1 Ceasing To Exist 7:45 
2 Seelenmord 8:00 
3 Jeanne D’Arc 4:30 
4 Yet another Ambient Track 12:10
5 Number Nine 9:45
6 My Guitar Gently Weeps 15:48
7 Holier 5:16 | ramp005 (CD 63:16) ***½

ceasing to exist”! What a significant naming. It's also a strange title for a 7th opus. A bit less weighty, this last ['ramp] opus reflects a little more the musical personality of Markus Reuter than the one of the duet Makowski/ Parsick. Writing from a long time, “ceasing to exist” met the ['ramp] curse before finally seeing the light of day. Completely ambient this album was a part of a long interrogatory period up until that Markus Reuter finishes its final mixing, revealing something much more than just dark ambient music.
The title track begins on a slow and heavy mood with some intense vibrations which create a wave of sonorous impulsion of which the droning forms its principal axis. It's a heavy and floating title with fine modulations from guitar and synths that extract jolts and low bass drones. The intensity goes up of a notch with "Seelenmord". If the beginning is impregnated of a heavy clamour, the tone gets clear on a long linear humming with dark and form-hugging fluctuations. The first synth pads are adding an ethereal sound dimension that "Jeanne D'Arc" confirms with the blossoming of choirs and their dubious vocalizes. It's a nice tender moment which is suspended in a dark timeless corridor to pour into the intense fluctuations of "Yet another Ambient Track"; a strong ambient passage which mixes the musical fragrances of the motionless works of Schulze and Roach with some discreet and sublime harmonious modulations. The strength of this passage is impossible to circumvent even if the immobile ambiences are prevailing in long form droning which cross short harmonious lines on controlled stridencies. It's an ambient track of a great intensity which little by little gets clear while maintaining its lifelessness mood up until the first breaths of "Number Nine"; a short track that exploits its modulations, going from the light ones to darker ones. "My Guitar Gently Weeps" is not a wink of the eye to George's. That's a long ambient labyrinth filled by guitar, as well as synth, lines and streaks with passages of a more harmonious limpidity which is lighting the lampions of a very old astral period. "Holier" finishes this opus in a mood of relaxation which leads the last breaths of ['ramp] into its abyssal darkness.

It's difficult to add words to musical forms formed of long ambient drones. And “ceasing to exist” is a long ambient quest where ['ramp] and Markus Reuter polish their styles within their own perceptions and variations of tones. I do think that it's an intense, and quite good by the way, mixture of threatening drones and of harmonious limpidity which creates a sound feast of most unaccustomed and where I discovered an astonishing artist in Markus Reuter.
Sylvain Lupari (March2 1th, 2007 and translated on November 24th, 2012)
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