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['ramp]: doombient. three-kalte sterne (2008)

“doombient. three (kalte sterne) is a true ambient album that will fill your ears and transports you as far as your imagination would allow”
1 Before Big Bang 15:00
2 Pillars of Creation 14:05
3 Quantum Surge 15:55
4 Triumph of Entropy 12:05
5 Questions Unanswered 15:00

DOOMBIENT.MUSIC| (CD-R 72:14) ***½ (Dark Ambient Music)

Sounds! Heavy sounds which are interlacing in a vastness imaginary. Oscillations, sound modulations and heavy reverberations which waltz in a poetic sound mass. All anti harmonic elements which unite themselves to create an outstanding spatial landscape that only few artists manage to recreate. In this domain, there is the wonderful Michael Stearns' Chronos. There are also Stephen Parsick's solo works, SETI, and Steve Roach. Powerful ambientspheric works to which it is necessary to add this last ['ramp] opus; “doombient. three-kalte sterne”.
Recorded in concert at the Bochum Planetarium, on February 24th 2007, “doombient. three-kalte sterne”  is by far the heaviest and quietest album of the doombient series. Drawing in the depth of their imagination, Makowski/Parsick portrays a musical piece of art that recreates the formation of the universe. "Before Big Bang" is a morphic ode from where escapes heavy sound sediments, reproducing the perfect musical illusion of a slow and tedious conception. It's an intense work which starts with loud resounding drones and with synth streaks of which the crisscrossed lines wrap the genesis. A slow conception which couples at the powerful "Pillars of Creation" and of its superb synth surges momentums that the dying waltzes release the abyssal pains of the sublime Michael Stearns' Chronos which is to me the best reference on cosmic ambient music. Some fine arpeggios are sparkling there, reminding to me the cosmic universe of Vangelis on enormous unctuous stratas from where are escaping some intense hummings of a wild sweetness, a little as if the creation of the whole solar system became controlled. It's by far one of the beautiful music pieces to come out of ['ramp] repertory and among the dark ambient music in general. "Quantum Surge" is as much heavy as the opening track but with more nuances. It's a slow atonal movement with an oblong evolution where brief translucent incursions, fed by hardly perceptible choirs, are piercing through the static opaqueness and lead us up until the doors of the morphic "Triumph of Entropy", and its sound fragrances à la Blade Runner, as well as "Questions Unanswered", which is getting up from the void, espousing a dark force equal to the one on "Before Big Bang" with hoarse and thunderous breaths while embracing the sweet agony of "Pillars of Creation".
doombient. three-kalte sterne” is a true ambient album. A heavy one stuffed with sound subtleties that gives it a musical dimension as dark as poetic. A beautiful album which fill the ears and which transports us as far as imagination can allow. It's a must for fans of dark and heavy ambient. Black but all the same quite emotive.

Sylvain Lupari (October 16th, 2009 and translated on November 22th, 2012)
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