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MYTHOS: Surround Sound Offensive (2008)

“Even if the entity is built around something that goes away from our Berlin School moods, Surround Sound Offensive is a strong album and an object of a hearing curiosity that will please to audacious ears”
1 S.S.O.-I 4:58        2 S.S.O.-II 5:29 
3 S.S.O.-III 3:47     4 S.S.O.-IV 5:20 
5 S.S.O.-V 4:44       6 S.S.O.-VI 5:58 
7 S.S.O.-VII 6:34    8 S.S.O.-VIII 4:19  
9 S.S.O.-IX 4:05     10 S.S.O.-X 5:28
11 S.S.O.-XI 7:28

MYTHOSMUSIC | 261051 (CD 58:10) ***¾ (Synth Pop, New Berlin School)

Pioneer of contemporary, progressive and electronic German music, Stephan Kaske never does things halfway. “Surround Sound Offensive” is the first title of a series of opus to appear where this excellent composer, sound engineer and multi instrumental artist explores the dynamic sound of Surround Sound Dolby Pro Logic 8. It's a dynamic work which takes its entire dimension on a more than adequate hi-fi system.
As of the first rolling of "SSO I" are starting, we seize all the sound dimension of this19th opus from the brilliant German synthesis. Symphonic percussions rolling and running over a synth which chats with a vocoder in a sound fauna of 1001orchestral richness. "SSO I" opens the door to the harmonious sound, sometimes complex but surprisingly accessible, of “Surround Sound Offensive”. Eleven tracks which combine the ambient subtleties to sequences lines for lots of unforeseeable rhythms. It's an amazing musical box which amazes each time that our ears cross a track. The melodious side of Mythos is always present but each softness are aromatized of variegated sonorities where the orchestrations are melting to the sound strangeness, as on "SSO II" a soft electronic ballade which crescendes on whistling orchestrations that are not without pointing out legendary Tomita. It's a catchy and deep ballade filled of sound effects and which deviates on an increasing tempo, just like on "SSO IV, "SSO VIII", the splendid and awesome "SSO V" as well as "SSO X". Beyond these ballads which hang the reveries above our minds, Mythos is always as he is by building more complex tracks filled of unexpected unwinding as on the heavy and atmospheric "SSO III", "SSO VI" and its strange amphibious pace combines on a superb sequencer, "SSO VII", the technoïd "SSO IX" and the unforeseeable "SSO XI". In short, all tracks build around musical patterns that are alike but each have their subtle variances in rhythms and ambiences.
The strength of Mythos is to develop a daring electronic music shaped in an avant-gardism sound universe while maintaining an approach just enough melodious to capture and maintain an auditive interest which grows at each listening. Even if the entity is built around something that goes away from our Berlin School moods, “Surround Sound Offensive” is an object of a hearing curiosity stuffed with sound effects and sonorities as rich as unforeseen in a curiously harmonious context. For those who likes more than conventional stuff.

Sylvain Lupari (December 12th, 2008 and translated on December 3rd, 2012)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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