dimanche 23 décembre 2012

DREAMERPROJECT: The Road to Your Heart (2012)

“The Road to Your Heart abounds of beautiful harmonious structures where the rhythms and ambiences dance in the universes of Vangelis and David Wright”
1 Arped Sunrise 7:18
2 Waiting 5:18
3 The Cave 7:08
4 Flight 1607 6:49
5 Dreamscape 12:59
6 Ambient Waves 6:01
7 A Christmas Card 4:42
8 The Road to Your Heart 6:31
9 Morning Mist

AD MUSIC | AD 112 CD (CD 69:27) ***½

Dreamerproject is the last find of AD Music label. This musical project from the Norwegian musician Kjetil Ingebrigtsen wears well its name and the title of its first opus even more. “The Road to Your Heart” is a beautiful collection of 9 very musical pieces where the rhythms are molded in a tranquillity which sticks splendidly to a very romantic, nostalgic and harmonious approach produced in a masterly fashion by David Wright.
"Arped Sunrise" is a good indication of what waits for us throughout “The Road to Your Heart” with a fine melody emerging from an ambiospheric intro. The rhythm is delicate and follows an upward curve with glimmering chords of which the forms of riffs with the percussions draw a bewitching hypnotic tick-tock. The piano notes go away from this cerebral procession, weaving other snippets of melodies which court the ethereal choirs and the breaths of an orchestral synth molded in the souvenirs Vangelis. The influence of Vangelis fills the air all over this opus of Dreamerproject which overlaps the tranquillities of the New Age and the electronic rhythms of the New Berlin School. "Waiting" is beautiful lullaby for insomniacs which takes roots in the waves of a desert beach from which the drizzle rises up until the cosmos. There where tears of synth built of floating and moving pads are winding around a synth with chords sounding like a harpsichord which embroiders the delicate harmonies of a soft melancholy forgotten on the counter of time. One would imagine being in the warm nights of Opera Sauvage so much it's serene. The intros, and finales, which furnish every composition are soaked into soft ambiospheric moods. And so "The Cave" ends up by espousing a harmonious structure similar to the one of "Arped Sunrise", but with a more fluid rhythm, while that the spiraled melody of "Flight on 1607" invites us to a more electronic rhythm. A rhythm à la Software with a fine clanic approach where the percussions which sound like the manual ones resound in tender filets of voices that we lose in the breaths of a rather ethereal synth. It's a good and soft meditative maelstrom endowed with a hybrid structure, sometimes finely jerked and sometimes charmingly melodic.
Hollow winds jostle some isolated keys which clink in the tears of violins that have fed the intro of "Waiting". And after this quiet intro, "Dreamscape" offers us a superb rhythm which gallops finely in the roots of the beautiful hypnotic Teutonic movements. Delicate and harmonious, the rhythm oscillates into beautiful pads of a dreamy synth from which the lines and suave breezes surround a fine cosmic melody which grows rich of very good twisted solos. It's one of the good melodious tracks of 2012. It goes in my iPod! "Ambient Waves" is a soft melody which hangs on to its melancholic approach embroidered into some tears of synth. These tears are watering a delicate rhythm which hiccups in a circular movement set in fire by arpeggios to hybrid tones and by honeyed fluty blows that are nailing this track in its envelope of sadness. More cheerful "A Christmas Card" is also very musical and reminds to me the universe of Vangelis. Idem for the title-track which is very poignant and which offers a seducing dramatic approach with its violins which caress our soul, its hummed murmurs which lead our spirit to sleep and its orchestral arrangements which carry our troubled emotions. The rhythm follows a processional bend with its crystal arpeggios which resound like drops on a glass anvil while the percussions which roll on this carpet of nostalgia are shaping a mesmerizing morphic bolero. It's beautiful and it' especially quite musical. "Morning Mist" loops the loop with a long silky structure where the soft rhythm kisses a slow morphic dance which feeds on winds of violin. Winds which quieten a rhythm also harmonious as on "Arped Sunrise" but also orchestral that on "Ambient Waves", a little as if Dreamerproject would lay its melodies on a structure of which the homogeneity is the token of its charms.
I quite enjoyed my ride with this first opus of Dreamerproject which is going directly in my bank of albums that rock my nights of dreams. “The Road to Your Heart” abounds of beautiful harmonious structures where the rhythms, delicates need to say, and ambiences, movings I got to write, are forming 9 beautiful melodious symbioses which oscillate between the universes of Vangelis and David Wright. Divine Matrix and Dreamerproject! Yes, the future of AD Music floats in beautiful Milky Ways.

Sylvain Lupari (December 21th, 2012)

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