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ROBERT RICH: Echo of Small Things (2005)

“Although difficult to encircle for a fan of base sequenced EM Robert Rich does all his effect on Echo Of Small Things” 
1 Pathways 9:36
2 Fences 4:57
3 Circle Unwound 9:00
4 Passing Terrain 6:09
5 Glint in her Eyes 6:25
6 Scent of Night Jasmine 9:09
7 Summer Thunder 4:27
8 Hollow Rings Longer 5:19
9 Weightless Morning 6:1
SOUNDSCAPES | SP008 (CD 61:14) ***½ (Ambient Music)

Usually I avoid ambient music (We are in 2007. Like what things really do evolve). I find it boring. I have the feeling that's an easy thing to do and that it's totally divested of interest, never managing to reach on me its first purpose; either leading me to an inner reflection. Robert Rich is among this artists' cream that are not afraid of evolving on this sphere of immobilism. And the reason is very simple; he converts to the perfection the feelings that he feels, captivating the listener in his soporific world where the space is full of senses. “Echo of Small Things” is his 8th opus of the Soundscapes series offers a collection of reflections from images from the photographer David Agasi. And, exactly as the sound could result from an image, Rich returns an arid and a surrealism ambience where the ambient music moves breathless.
From the first shadows of "Pathways", the musical curves monopolize an attention already fixed to the soundscapes effects. The music evolves through the breaths of its elements to get melt at a musical astral body in evolution. The movement is slow, crystal clear and constant. It transposes emotions that we grind when we roam on a path that we ignore, but which enchants us just as much. The breezes which cogitate here and there give a surreal aspect, a little as if we would be frozen in time. And slowly "Pathways" is melting in the immovable meanders of "Fences" where the synth cylinders raise themselves as fences posts, cutting of dream from reality. The American synthman deploys a treasure of creative imagination by juxtaposing his music on photos which inspired his last opus. The sound wealth on "Circle Unwound" is such as we feel ourselves being lifted in a slow spiral which unwinds into a heavy symphony with hesitating, but how much persistent, chords and keys. Of course we don't listen to “Echo of Small Things” with the conviction that we are going to rock. It's rather a soft rendezvous with emotions that comes in term with a motionless musical poetry. If "Passing Terrain" flows as an inactive brain wave, it returns a tangible emotion. It's quite as the very quiet "Glint in Her Eyes" and "Summer Thunder" which answer to the sculptural vision of Robert Rich. A little as on "Pathways", "Scent of Night Jasmine" is of a surprising correctness and a sensibility. The sound structure is of a wealth which invades our senses, showing the immense conception skill of Robert Rich to reproduce the feelings that transcends him. On discreet Tibetan gongs, of which the reverberations pierce the orchestrated silence, "Hollow Rings Longer" and "Weightless Morning" end this epic musical photographic on an abyssal sweetness where the space is in suspension looking to forming itself.
Although difficult to encircle for a fan of base sequenced EM, Robert Rich does all his effect. It's dark and poetic ambient that comes to reach us and which leads us to the soft reality of an everyday life which tolerates dreams only when we are on its quest.

Sylvain Lupari (October 1st, 2007 and translated on November 24th, 2012)
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