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“If you like a visual art which is melting to a music that is the mirror of its imagination, then Atlas Dei becomes an inescapable”
Chapter 1 Earth 11:00
Chapter 2 Mythos 14:00
Chapter 3 Platonic 12:00
Chapter 4 The Convolution 15:00
Glint in Her Eyes
Chapter 5 Deconstructions 11:00
Chapter 6  Passages 9:00
Chapter 7 Terra Meta 11:00
Chapter 8 Elegy 9:00

SOUNDSCAPES | SP011 DVD (93:00) ****½

There are two ways of describing “Atlas Dei”; the album which contains 13 titles resulting from a soundtrack to the movie of Daniel Colvin and the movie itself which shows incredible images and the word is very weak, on the luxuriously ambient and relaxing music of Robert Rich. But there is more. “Atlas Dei” should be, and is, what EM (ambient or sequences based kind) is all about; the witness of a visual art without borders where the imagination is unlimited as the sublime images of Daniel Colvin. The symbiosis is unique, not to say completed. The images are melting on themselves, merging with a slow music with atonal evacuations which leave a sound imprint that the 3D visual effects wrap on a poetic juxtaposition. Either we like or not ambient form music, we aren’t indifferent to the digital and artistic beauties of Colvin. Images which set foot on retained musical impulses of a Robert Rich in complete control of his vision artistic towards this whole movie which last more than 1 hour and a half. A bit like the creation. Of what the genesis would have been. The visual effect is striking. Title after title the surprise is total so much the creativity is high-level.
On a relaxing and very contemplative music, the magic operates under our eyes. The images of a beauty of outer-world are moulding in a music that we hear of another ear and we imagine under another shape. And, as a craftsman proud of his work of sounds visionary,
Robert Rich shows his magnificence serenity which invades us with a fascinating symbiosis of sounds and images. Slowly, and with a softness among all conducted by a music to virtues that only the tranquillity can suggest, we the privileged witnesses a quirky merger where the art copulates under all its forms. “Atlas Dei” is superb audiovisual journey on the borders of a reinvented cosmos, as well as its resolute and insoluble mysteries, in a magical musical ball to endless reveries. The good moments are legions and the borders of the inconceivable are all visited. Whether it's arid lands of Nevada to the hybrid stars of a cosmos in fusion, Daniel Colvin composes an unreal world to the colors of pastel on a music with movements that are serenely apocalyptic. It's as good as it's incredibly beautiful. The music of Rich fits to all the facets of Colvin imagination. The rhythms are fluid and the sequences are swirling on movements of an ambient peace of mind. And for “Atlas Dei” the American synthésiste has retouched some of his works and wrote new material, offering thus a variety and diversity in tones which embrace with subtlety all of Daniel Colvin's imagination and of his coiled movements of a visual art which has only as frontiers that the drying up of the digital art.

Sylvain Lupari (October 20th, 2007 and translated on November 15th, 2012)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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