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['ramp]: doombient.two- a declaration of war (2006)

“['ramp]'s doombient.two-a declaration of war is above all a work of perspicacity and passion for music”

1 a declaration of war 7:00
2 shapes of things to come 16:00
3 slow deaths 17:15
4 ground zero 10:38

doombient.music | (CD-R 63:35) ****

Recorded during the Emil EM festival held in Langenfeld on March 15th 2003, “doombient.two - a declaration of war” is above all a work of perspicacity and passion for music. This festival proceeded under difficult conditions which involved delays in the proceedings as well as sound problems. But it was also an enriching experiment where the duet caused an unaccustomed rise of decibels for an EM concert under the avid eye of a stroboscope which has let some spectators astounded. A strong and noisy concert, with steel sheets and slide guitars noises and screeches as well as big sequencers, for a duet who usually exploits a floating industrial e-music, making of “doombient.two - a declaration of war” a work divides between its irascible progression and its need of appeasing.
A slow breath gets transformed into strident and aggressive cries of siren which travel on its arches of reverberations. We have the vague impression to be lost in the entrails of an immense spaceship stuffed of Aliens. The ambience is more than dark. It's nothingness. A musical oblivion which survives on waves shadowed of black and which flow slowly, as in a paranoid dream which is taking place in an ochred mud. With suffers from hell, "a declaration of war" pours into "shapes of things to come", which preserves the same linear emptiness.
The soft piano of Stephen Parsick rings in these musical nebulosities, amplifying the beauty of blackness. It traces a strange melody which suffers in these metallic distortions, showing the coldness of the tenebrous duo towards the odes of softness which leads to the very astonishing "slow death". A lugubrious walk gets set. Metal sheets ruffled with ingeniousness create a monster turbulence which animates the heavy and resounding sequenced pulsations à la Redshift, justly forged in the den of the Big Sequencer Moog of Mark Shreeve. Atonal and immensely dark, "slow death" progresses on continual pulsations, imitating the human beats that are submissive and are waiting for the very end. It's a dark procession that clamours of an angelic synth choir try to appease in an astonishing work which reveals the subtleties of the evil towards the good. And "ground zero" is the calm after the storm. The appeasing after anger. Floating and gliding on metal dust, a rough quietude is to be found. As if anger still thundered in spite of the comprehension of ['ramp] of the weakness of the ungodly.
doombient.two - a declaration of war” is an intense opus, even frightening, with an extremely powerful sonority. According to data; the strength of the decibels has exceeded concerts of Motorhead and Nine Inch Nails, and this under extreme conditions, in particular on the sound level. It must have taken a monk's labor for the mastering in order to produce a CD that would give justice to the atmosphere of this concert which has marked the small history of this festival. On the level of music, it's a confrontation and a reflection between good and evil which reflects a growing anger towards the cupidity of senses and people. This is great ['ramp] with its sense of creativity and its desire to explore all sound dimensions of its universe.

Sylvain Lupari (March 27th 2007 and translated on November 21th, 2012)
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