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['ramp]: debris (2009)

“Debris is a great mixture of vintage ['ramp] and the one of the Doombient series”
1 Rails 4:35
2 Skeletarl 13:50  
3 Girders 2:30
4 Wreckage 4:20
5 Pieces 5:08
6 Debris 7:08
7 Coventried 4:19 
8 Hamburgised 5:32
9 Dresdened 2:54
10 Bridges 8:35
11 Slow Corrosion 13:52  
12 Residual Oxide 3:26

DOOMBIENT.MUSIC | ramp006 (CD 76:08) ****½

A heavy caustic synth wave wraps the intro of "Rails", while that a starting engine sends an ochre vapor which spreads a strange cosmic aura in a world somehow industrial. Recorded in the turmoil of a stormy separation with the other half of ['ramp], “Debris” will take 3 years of making before being born. The result is an album that allies the legendary dark heaviness of ['ramp] to tempestuous and stunning violent sequential movements.
Following the hard knocks of steel wheel from "Rails", which ends on odd metallic percussions, "Skeletarl" gropes into the half-lights full of squealing and sweating on a bass line to arrhythmic pulsations. A sound violence is pointing out. It's latent and it's shouting out along spectral rustles and sparse flickered percussions on a hesitating movement which moves ahead on roller coasters that have difficulty to pull their wagons. With its corrosive reverberations and its industrial sound environment "Skeletarl" plunges us into a heavy and violent sound universe where the resonances are devouring our eardrums on a rhythm strangely vague of which the essence is pulled out of the somber depths of Redshift. This track depicts marvelously the raw and metallic mood which overhangs this last ['ramp] release with its sinuous movement that winds the meanders of lifelessness while shaping the edges of the steel walls by sharp claws in order to feed a twisted and howling metal. From "Girders" to "Residual Oxide", ['ramp] passes by all the subterranean levels to offer a sound slaughter, sometimes static sometimes sequenced, to haunting and terrifying roundness' from a ruined factory.
Some ['ramp] but also some Stephen Parsick who likes the concreted moods filled by ambient aromas. A Parsick who also exploits sequenced movements of a heady intensity as on "Wreckage" where drum rolls on contaminated oil barrels get entangled to an abrasive sound universe full of howling sequences. Sequences which get melting to the sieved lights of "Pieces" to continue pulsing in an industrial world to the adrift before sliding on the ball bearings of the title track which tears simply away the metal from the tarnish tower before that the sequential heaviness of "Coventried" and "Hamburgised" ends this work of demolition. Sunk into hardened steel into only one long track segmented into 12 parts “Debris” offers few ambient or quiet moments. In fact if there is a moment of tranquility it begins with "Dresdened" and its long atonal breaths which circulate among the fragments on the ground of a steelworks. Although heavy and incredibly sinister, "Slow Corrosion" hiccups of its heavy sequences of which the random migrations are beating loudly under metallic and flickered percussions. A movement with an approach as much sinister as on "Skeletarl" but which doesn’t explode and which preserves the oscillatory linearity of a big starving tortoise who ruminates upon her appetite until the last biting breaths of "Residual Oxide".
['ramp]'s “Debris” is a great find. Whereas we had become used to the calm universe of tetanized ambiences of the Doombient series, “Debris” arrives with its big clogs and kicks the atonal armature of this suite as cold as caustic. In fact “Debris” is a sublime mix of both universes. Stephen Parsick molds subtly and skillfully his metallic and biting drones with sequences of which the heavy reverberations are literally melting the last vestiges of the Doombient series. It's a must for fans of Dark Ambient with heavy resounding oscillations. The underworld of Redshift!

Sylvain Lupari (December 2nd, 2009 and translated on November 22th, 2012)
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