jeudi 8 novembre 2012


“Shade is a beautiful album of a music which hides some beautiful melodies that make of the blackness something which is a bit more comfortable”

1 Frightening Frontiers 5:42  
2 Entities 6:30 
3 A Moment Frozen 2:16 
4 Mutating Realities 10:32  
5 Compulsive Mechanics 5:38 
6 Not Being Mirrored 8:25
7 Shade 6:02 
8 Urgency 8:25  
9 Towards 5:09 
10 Ungreat Certainty 3:48

DiN | DiN32 (CD 62:49) ***¾

Two years after the surprising and daring Obsessive Surrealism, Bakis Sirros' Parallel Worlds presents us a 5th opus with as background; the shadows and their unknown boundaries. Always using a vast range of instruments, digital and analog, this charmer of quirky and ambiguous tones explores the hidden recesses of “Shade” and darkness for an audacious subject to be gone through on a distance of 63 minutes.
"Frightening Frontiers" sets the madness mood with a soft echoing and hypnotic rhythm. The percussions are effective and accompany a neurotic bass line which inspires a crazy race into the pernicious lanes of an increasing anxiety with colorful and scheming tones which paint a dramatic mood and a latent schizophrenia. The arrangements are of a striking realism, going until the last breaths of a breathless anxiety. "Entities" continues this exploration of the night-fears with staccato sequencing arrangements, creating an indistinct rhythm which follows a tangent that guide the basis of "Frightening Frontiers". Except that we have a texture which is jazzier and more lounge, thanks to a splendid bass which sets foot on foggy paths and a piano with enchanting notes which coo in a dark ambience for a so beautiful melodious line. It's a beautiful mixture between Spyra and Vangelis. "Moment Frozen" is a dark and disturbing title. The intriguing mood is filled by statics crackling which float around circular loops and guttural sound effects. This is very murky. Always seeking for a new sound dimension full of black noises and atmospheres, Bakis Sirros weaves the somber lines of "Mutating Realities". This longest track of “Shade” is soaked with a very effective sound research. It's a long procession in the sinuous corridors of the complex world of shadows and blackness. Gradually it wins in crescendo, going from a timorous step with a sensual mood to the tactile exploration of the fear. Bakis Sirros may tries to calm down the ambience with a fluty mellotron à la TD that the result remains appreciably the same, especially with the addition of sound effects which reach a highest point of “Shade”.
With its percussions sounding slightly like knocks on an anvil, brandishing the spectre of ghostly chains, "Compulsive Mechanics" is a great title which evolves within a heavy and abstract structure. In spite of this mode and its surrealist world, an odd macabre melody emerges out from this industrial musical structure. Although we get the more out of “Shade” with earphones, this track is particularly striking with those. This way you will be able to gulp down all the sound subtleties which flow lazily here and there. A schemer bass pulse opens "Not Being Mirrored" which progresses in a parallel sound universe with an approach constantly in search of a melody of shadows. This melody makes its nest among an array of composite tones, of which a guitar which lets its chords glean here and there opening thus a passage between realism and fantasy. The title-track is a beautiful minimalism melody which flows through a melancholic piano and a harmless line of percussions, feeding a sound fauna which is unique to Parallel Worlds. After this sweetness, why not an explosion initiated by a neurotic pace? Indescribable, "Urgency" bursts out of a retained violence with its symmetric loops which fly over a nervous and explosive, but still hesitating, tempo. This held rhythm excites the passion of fear and ends in a softness uncomfortably metallic. "Towards" and "Ungreat Certainty" are ending “Shade” in a relative tranquility. This is dark ambient which glide with insertions of threatening moods, just to remind us the whole context behind this 5th album (already?) from Bakis Sirros' Parallel Worlds who doesn't stop to amaze with a musical approach as much curious as it's melodious.
Cock-and-bull stories, stories of sound fear, “Shade” is a beautiful album of a music which is more into the contemporary range than of pure electronic kind à la Berlin School. It's an album that risks puzzling; so much its noises and sound fauna is of an unsuspected depth and is wrapping rhythms that are situated in a kind of lounge for weirdos and which hide some beautiful melodies that make of the blackness something which is a bit more comfortable.

Sylvain Lupari (November 6th, 2012)

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