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TANGERINE DREAM: Risky Business (1984)

“Without being a big EM contemporary work, Risky Business shows all of Tangerine Dream popularity through ages”

1 Old Time Rock And Roll-Bob Seger 3:16
2 The Dream Is Always the Same-Tangerine Dream 3:42
3 No Future (Get off the Babysitter)-Tangerine Dream 3:00
4 Guido the Killer Pimp-Tangerine Dream 4:18
5 Lana-Tangerine Dream 3:51
6 Mannish Boy (I'm A Man)-Muddy Waters 4:02
7 The Pump-Jeff Beck 5:44
8 D.M.S.R.-Prince 5:05
9 After the Fall-Journey 4:20
10 In the Air Tonight-Phil Collins 5:26 
11 Love on A Real Train (Risky Business)-Tangerine Dream 3:58
          VIRGIN| CDV 2302 (CD 45:42) ***½
The main goal of this review is of course the music of Tangerine Dream. Among the 11 tracks of “Risky Business”, 5 result from the Mandarin Dream contribution. Based on the same principle as Exit, all 5 are shorts and very lively. It’s sequenced base EM with those solid commercial progressive, symphonic and rock structures which flooded the radio waves at this time. It’s nearly 20 minutes of EM where TD gets to measure to the big names of rock such as Bob Seger and Phil Collins, but Tangerine Dream didn’t look out of place nor amorphous, far from there!
"The Dream Is Always the Same" has a small rhythm that sounds like a kind of Caribbean mood with a superb sequencing approach which hold a light synth and its nice fluty tune. Let’s say that it’s the equivalent of a B side from a good single. "No Future (Get off the Babysitter)" really sounds out of Exit sessions with its metallic percussions clicking on resounding pulsations which widen disturbing synth strata. "Guido the Killer Pimp" is a beautiful ballad with acoustic guitar and a sequenced base rhythm which is increasing and becomes more of a rock one with big guitar riffs and rolling percussions. It's a track which recalls me a lot of Force Majeure moods, quite as "Lana" and its electric guitar infusion. The sequenced oscillatory movement of "Love on a Real Train" is sublime and defined Tangerine Dream as the undisputed masters of a visual music. This track is the strongest on this soundtrack and got a lot of airing. It’s among the famous titles from TD and is played live from then to nowadays. I have so nice memories of being played on the last 2012Electric Mandarine tour in Montreal.
Without being a big EM contemporary work, “Risky Business” shows all of Tangerine Dream popularity through ages. This movie starring Tom Cruise was for a younger audience which knew nothing of TD, an obstacle that the German trio surmounted with shine, because the musical part of TD is the most interesting one on this soundtrack, exception made of Phil Collins and his misty version of In the Air Tonight. Over all, it’s a pretty good soundtrack that you still can get it at a fair price.
Sylvain Lupari (September 16th, 2006 and translated on October 6th 2012)
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