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ROBERT RICH: Nest (2012)

“Far from the rhythms the American synthman is capable of delight where the simple beating of a cicada wing is transformed into a fascinating boreal symphony”

1 Memories of Wandering, Pt I 5:03
2 Memories of Wandering, Pt II 3:59
3 Seeking Eden 8:06
4 Moss Carpet, Sky Blanket 7:01
5 Generosity of Solitude, Pt I 8:03
6 Generosity of Solitude, Pt II 11:12
7 The Gate is Open 8:38
8 Memories of Home 13:50

SOUNDSCAPE | SP023 (CD 65:05) ****

Nest” is the last sound testimony of a tiny world in perpetual procreation signed Robert Rich. The lightning strike for the subject of his last opus came during his Australian tour of the beginning of 2012 when Robert Rich was the witness of a luxuriant tree-dwelling animal fauna which was born and swarmed beneath the diverse singings from a variety of orchestras of invertebrates. These singings of cicadas and tree frogs as well as the surrounding noises of a jungle in full awakening furnish the wandering melodies and the sweet contemplative atmospheres that are structuring “Nest”.
Noises of branches, chirping and whistled singings of exotic birds awake "Memories of Wandering, Pt I" which meditate under an intense veil of mist. The meditative notes of piano roam as thoughts mislaid during a walking in mountain, reflecting the intense moment of solitude that encircles this last Robert Rich's album. These piano notes are piercing of their transparency a soundscape fed by angelic voices which whisper a spiritual ode in this paradisiacal harbour of serenity whom is "Memories of Wandering, Pt II". The 8 titles of “Nest” parade in a long papouasian tale where the peace of mind is the cradle of dreamlike melodious approaches. The 8 minutes of "Seeking Eden", with its flute and its tremulous breaths which float on the waves of a synth to ochred vapors, is a perfect example. "Moss Carpet, Sky Blanket" offers a darker approach with opaque breezes which float such as hollow clouds on a fauna whose rustles are covered with meditative bells. The lines of the pedal-steel guitar draw spectral ramparts throughout this long title which moves us deep within our inner peace with a pair of earphones. Moreover this correlation between instruments and noises of nature gives to “Nest” a mesmerizing harmonious depth that supplants the total absence of rhythms. This says very long on this stunning musical journey in the full heart of the Australian coasts forests.
The rustles of leaves, the singings of cicadas and the iridescent winds continue to float such as radioactive effects on "Generosity of solitude, Pt I and Part II" on which only the scattered piano notes are resounding in an intense enveloping effect of solitude. The 2nd part is less organic. The long fluty drones shape silent incantations which wind a melody strewn by a solitary piano. The synth strata cast a voice veil over a pure moment of meditation where the balance of the universe is getting lost in all this immersive serenity. The violence of the winds which transports "The Gate is Open" shakes this tranquility. Even without rhythmic instruments Robert Rich is capable of atmospheric turbulence with howling breezes which glide in the ear like Siberian winds into caverns of ice. There is a whole paradox of the ambiences on this title with these piercing winds which tear the strength of silence and the quiet synth layers which are rocking the ambiophonic lethality in it. Layers which transpose their serenities towards "Memories of Home" where the percussions of cicadas are typing telegraphic messages and where the scattered piano note are weaving of unreal and paradoxical universes which glitter all the meditative poetry of an intense organic work.
Nest” is a work intensely poetic. Robert Rich manages to display a world of sound delight in a contemplative envelope which transcends the simple atmospheric and ambient approach. Far from the rhythms, the American multi-instrumentalist is capable of delight with its charming soundscapes which abound in a universe where the simple beating of a cicada wing is transformed into a fascinating boreal symphony. And it’s not because there are no rhythms that it’s not beautiful! On the contrary …

Sylvain Lupari (October 26th 2012)
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