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ROBERT RICH & MARKUS REUTER: Eleven Questions (2007)

“Destroying the myths of a music without motions, Rich/Reuter weaves black ambiences where hang on ounces of melodies which charm with a strange enchantment”

1 Reminder (3:27)      2 Reductive (4:27)
3 Recall (2:24)            4 Retention (6:34)
5 Remote (4:16)          6 Reluctant (3:27)
7 Redemption (6:418 Relative (3:21)
9 Reception (3:05)    10 Refuge (5:53)
11 Refuse (3:43)       12 Rebirth (3:26)
13 Remainder (2:12)

UNSUN GRECORDS | UR003 (CD 52:56) ***½

Robert Rich and Markus Reuter union can only give an astonishing result. “Eleven Questions” for 13 tracks! All of them starting with the letter R. We could believe that we are into a total tetanized delirious here. There where the fusion of these two alchemists of sounds is bubbling at the border of their imaginations. Composed in only one week, “Eleven Questions” is an album which is necessary to listen deeply with an open mind on a tribal cultural world where sweet flutes get mix subtly with guitars in an arid atmosphere.
Strange and dark titles like "Reductive" and the sinister "Remote" which thunders on ogresses percussions. "Reluctant", "Refuse" and the heavy "Remainder" are titles a bit charmers but always so tenebrous, like "Reminder" and "Recall". There are "Relative" and its jazzy vaporous style, "Refuge" and its black nostalgia as well as "Rebirth" and its softness which floats on a six strings whose sharp-edged notes arouse an uncomfortable and a strange charm. We can even hear titles with heavy and slow rhythms which succumb to an unexplored sensuality, like "Retention" and its loud bass and "Redemption" and its atmospheric wandering. In short, all the musical possibilities are meticulously visited and worked with an atonal heaviness which succeeds to attract the auditory curiosity. The voices and the flutes are superb. They fit perfectly well with all this strange musical phenomenia where some hallucinogens form a wonder of sound abstraction which pours from all around this silvery disc. And these long forms of bizarre reverberations floating around like iridescent spirits over desert rituals are deep intense movements of ethereal strangeness. How can't this not be good?
Destroying the myths of a music without motions whose dark ambiances fill the abstract walls of a land of perdition, Rich and Reuter succeed quite well in producing 13 titles, all as much strange than the others, in a context of an indefinable artistic sealing.
Closed like oysters, the eclectic duet produces in “Eleven Questions” a sound universe completely deprived of innuendos to offer an originality that can’t be hum but which contains ounces of melody hanging around and hooking the hearing and senses with a strange enchantment.

Sylvain Lupari (November 30th, 2007and translated on October 26th 2012)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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