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PARALLEL WORLDS & ALIO DIE: Circo Divino (2010)

“Circo Divino is for fans of sound and musical experiments because beyond all these perceptions the approach of Parallel Worlds remains inexplicably harmonious”

1 Lost Fractales 10:28
2 Circo Divino 10:09
3 Nuvole di Palissandro 9:12
4 Sorinel 8:29
5 Electrostatic Forest 5:15
6 Slide of Grace 10:13
Hic Sunt Leones | HSL055 LP (CD 53:45) ****½
(Dark ambient EM)

With Parallel Worlds, the musical project of the Greek musician Bakis Sirros, we have to expect the unpredictable in all its surprising magnificence. Begun in 2008 and worked by e-mails and the magic of the Internet with Alio Die and India Czajkowska, “Circo Divino” is a strange mystic reverie where the listener is constantly pull between the unreality, the quietude of mystery's inconsistency and the enchanting beauty of odes from a fantasy world where goblins, ghosts and trolls cavort in a sonic forest in which the paths are crossing in a delicious hybrid musical world where the ambient form rides on slow and heavy rhythm in a full array of tones as much mystifying as heterogeneous, waking and renewing the imagination as well as the delight in each listening.
A hypnotic synth wave with slow undulations which soak in a tinkling ambience opens the frontiers of "Lost Fractales". This first reflects the mood which will reign all over “Circo Divino” with a vague rhythm, but of which the evolution is in constant progress, thanks to the intensity of movements. I do believe it's called progressive ambient as it's not entirely atonal, cause the passive rhythm remains constantly suspended. The listener is under the charm of a sonic wealth of the most original where vocalizes of young girl becoming a woman overhang a sonic environment at once caustic and metallic. A strangely rich musical universe that bends under the weight of its harmonies, hiding beneath his uncountable carillon tinklings. Revealing thus a world of crystalline prisms tones and of guitar chords lost in a mist of glass. Letting also hear percussions as much discreet as effective and modular movements as abstract as heterogeneous which create an efficient dramatic tangent. The title track "Circo Divino" sounds like a strange cerebral western with its undulations which imitate the approach of a lonesome cowboy. A cowboy who crosses a somber valley of which the narrow musical paths are filled with sonorities that would widen a mood of night-terror. The rhythm is always so hazy. It floats  among an atonal, but infernal, world where tones of rattlers, winds of ether, undulation lines and aboriginal spectral waves are converging in a fanciful world where the power of sounds prevails over a structure of a slow dreamy maelstrom which sinks and over the frenzy hits of veiled percussions which drum slowly under a sky darkened of bitting streaks and of strata as much metallic as howling. This is cinema for the ears!
More alive, "Nuvole di Palissandro" is pulsing beneath some beautiful surrounding synth layers, which are warmer here and filled by aromas of flute, in an ambiosonic pattern as much mysterious. We have the vague feeling of being buried in a cave stuffed with some thick morphic clouds. Doubtless, it's the most melodious track of “Circo Divino”, and this even if it's quite oppressing. Just imagine the rest now! "Sorinel" soaks in a unreal sonic decor with heavy pulsations of which the accelerated pulse, the furtive whispers and the somber oscillations of a metallic synth are plunging us in a delicious sound paranoia. A little bit as in "Lost Fractales", the beat is broken and oscillates beneath some crystalline prisms and guitar chords appearing from a sinister tones swamp where the scattered voice bits of India Czajkowska are sliding towards a soft insanity which stirs under the pulsations and the more and more frantic suctions of a synth still freeing muddy tones. As its naming indicates it, "Electrostatic Forest" is gobbled up by tones of twinkling prisms, shaping a kind of electrostatic spectral effect in a cave filled of infinite crystal droplets. Without question, this is the quietest track of
Parallel Worlds' last musical madness. "Slide of Grace" concludes “Circo Divino” like "Lost Fractales" had begun it. It's a long arrhythmic track where the tempo remains indecisive and finds its assizes beneath its strange mix of percussions and pulsations which scatter the rhythmic trail of “Circo Divino”. The mood is always so twisted with its tones of glasses which get mixed with the heavy drones floating on stable reverberations, mixing the modular breaths of a sometimes harmonious sometimes abstracted synth in an always heterogeneous universe where the harmonies glean here and there within the reach of intuitive ears.
In the experimental ambient genre, “Circo Divino” remains what is made of better! Bakis Sirros,
Alio Die and India Czajkowska unite their experimental sonic perceptions to offer another kind of ambient music. A dark ambiospherical music where the rhythm arises from the intensity of the Modular oscillations and by the enchantment of the countless sonorities which invariably draw strange arcs and sound modulations which hook the hearing and command some new listenings. A fascinating musical world, unique to Bakis Sirros' perseverance and audacity for his constant quest for new tones in the den of dark ambient music and of which the fusion with the master of drones that is Alio Die can only give surprising results. An album to the measure of this musical fascination for fans of sound and musical experiments, because beyond all its perceptions the approach of Parallel Worlds remains inexplicably harmonious. 
Sylvain Lupari (June 2010, translated on February 2015) &

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