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INTERCONNECTED: Current Flow (2010)

“If you like music and its eclectic pleasure, Current Flow is a very good album where rhythms and ambiences are soaked in a pond of 1001 sound pleasures”

1 Greenerblue 6:08
2 Dark Clouds 4:53
3 Springs 4:36
4 Deepestsespeed 6:16
5 Flowerescape 5:19
6 Smotion 4:10
7 Pulsating 8:09
8 Timebender 6:32
9 Cats 3:03

VU-US VU-US018 (CD 49:05) ****

The more I dig into the musical universe of Bakis Sirros, the more I discover a great musician and an audacious artist who knows how to put in perspective his creative priorities without doing any commercial compromise. Interconnected is his new musical project that he forms with German synthesist Ingo Zobel, putting together a duet of musicians fond of a strongly experimental music. “Current Flow” is a first, and only one to date, album. A mesmerizing album filled of minimalism rhythms which go through strewed paths with colorful tones. This album took 3 years to make, a period of time where the 2 accomplices attend to their respective careers, keeping time to create this surprising sound journey of which the exploration of musical forms, so eclectic as they are, combine brilliantly in a soft perfume of sound freshness.
Furtively, "Greenerblue" introduces us to “Current Flow” with a fine sequence which jumps in loops beneath a soft mellotron veil pierced of fine arpeggios which fall as an unreal rain. A minimalism intro where the charm worries oneself of its jingles of cymbals which announce the arrival of a rhythmic disturbed by the sparks of several percussions. These nervous and indocile percussions fuse out of everywhere to support a structure soaked of heterogeneous tones to which a soft celestial voice adds a dreamlike depth. This opening reflects the dyad ambiance that surrounds each track of “Current Flow”. "Dark Clouds" presents a more intriguing structure with a tempo which waves languishingly and whose chords floating with hesitation add a sinister touch to this effervescent sound dryad which is between Steve Roach's sound landscapes and the very syncretic world of Ramp. "Springs" gropes forward on a hesitating pace which hiccups under a musical sky streaked by a rain of metallic stars. Here, as almost everywhere on “Current Flow”, the approach of the synth mellotron brings an astral depth to a title which embraces the steams of a renewed Plastikman, quite as on "Smotion". "Deepestsespeed" is boiling of agitation and rhythmic nervousness. It's a very beautiful title that recalls the fanciful deserts of Roach with its sounds of rattlers which wind a tribal tangent livened up by a frantic tempo and where colorful and indefinable voices plunge us into an absorbing hearing paranoia.
"Flowerescape" is in the same lineage as "Dark Clouds", bringing us to more peaceful and more limpid rhythmic proportions with a slightly nervous tempo that crackles of a thousand and one percussions, as much varied as unusual. The synth is dropping its breaths among heavy reverberations while fine crystalline chords pierce this nebulosity to create a more harmonious musical universe where the rhythm gives the strange illusion to increase around rich wrapping strata. Heavy, "Pulsating" reminds me of Johannes Schmoelling's surprising sound universe on Wuivend Riet, with its multiple shouts of locusts which rock themselves in the blackness of a night filled of sounds strangeness before biting the rhythm with more heaviness towards the finale. It’s one of the best tracks on “Current Flow”. "Timebender" is strongly tinted of a metallic ambiance with its anvil percussions which shape a tempo as heavy as slow around some hesitating arpeggios which float with a strange grace in this industrial apocalypse universe. "Cats" ends this 1st Sirros/Zobel collaboration on a touch just as much eclectic where we recognize cats mewing towards a dense minimalism veil where percussions and keyboards chords are tumbling down in echo on a tempo which is on the borders of atonality. Ambivalent borders which strew an album with harmonious conflicts, but strangely musical, which is situated between audacious Roach or industrialized Ramp and Plastikman on slow lifelessness evolutions. If you want something else.

If you like music and its eclectic pleasure, “Current Flow” is a very good album where rhythms and ambiences are soaked in a pond of 1001 sound pleasures!
Sylvain Lupari (March 17th, 2010 and translated on October 24th 2012)
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