vendredi 14 septembre 2012

ROACH&SERRIES: Low Volume Music (2012)

“Low Volume Music is mainly for lovers of a very immersive ambient music”

1 Here 8:01
2 Whisper 12:44
3 Closed 8:12
4 Bow 14:28
5 Haze 15:14

PROJEKT| PRO277 (CD 58:42) ***

Like the tears of violin chiselling the emptiness, "Here" wraps us with a profound morphic veil with a suite of synth layers which float, intertwine and coil up among a fine drizzle of angel dusts to mould an enchanting ethereal approach. The heaviness of the deployment of these passive synth waves made of oblong curves of ether made hear an intense ballet of which the slow movements are fragmenting the swarmings which torments us, in order to bring us in the profound tranquility of spirit that commands the listening of “Low Volume Music”. Nearly 10 years after Innerzone, Roach/Obmana comes back with a new album on the Projekt label. Dark and intrusive, “Low Volume Music” presents 5 long very ambient titles where the eclectic duet, king of somber immersive approaches, displays all the control of their minimalist art with fine variations in their somber soporific structures fed by fine filets of harmonious dualities, destabilizing thus the amorphous announced by a musical genre which constantly need to draw from creativity to avoid redundancy.
If "Here" is made of black ink, "Whisper" brings its first nuances to this last work of Roach/Serries with a series of underlying chords which roll in loops in this intense morphic pattern to thousand of synth layers of ether. One would say to hear some discreet chords of an absent guitar which shines of its sweet sound iridescences particles to glitter in a stagnant void. "Closed" continues on this impulsion of crossed tones and propels us in time with its wrapping ochred waves of which every embrace frees filets of absent voices. One would believe being at the dawn of M' Ocean (Michael Stearns) or at the edge of Western Spaces from Roach, Brennan and Braheny. The approaches are as well seducing as soothing with these slow lines and arcs of synths which speak to us, sing to us and murmur in our ears with an infinite immersive tenderness. This is when that “Low Volume Music” divides its approach with two different tones, one always somber and the other one brighter, which tangle up in a firmament filled of seraph passion. "Bow" and "Haze" are also floating on this duality of phases with strata with mixed tones which glide like the wings of a redeeming angel, drawing some contemplative curves in which we just have the taste to hang on in order to flee reality.
Low Volume Music” is, above all, for lovers of a very immersive ambient music. The eclectic duet to somber wrapping approaches didn’t age at all and offers a musical journey filled by serenity with floating ambiances which surround us and seize our imagination to bring us towards a necessary tranquility. It’s the ideal album to relax and find again our inner peace, there where is always hiding this taste to hear the sounds of Steve Roach.

Sylvain Lupari (September 14th, 2012)
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* For more informtions and hear MP3 extracts on Low Volume Music you can visit Steve Roach's website here:
or the following Projekt web page:

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