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“Arcadia Borealis is a nice musical adventure where Erik Wollo's melodious lyricism faces the music stylistic daring of Bernhard Wöstheinrich”

1 The Wayfarers 5:55 
2 Exploration 5:30 
3 Solar Wind 6:54 
4 White Sea 3:08 
5 Airship 5:19 
6 Terrestrial Magnetism 5:23 
7 Nautilus 6:13 
8 Midnight Sun 6:05 
9 Mirror Image 6:29 
10 Hemisphere Nord 2:45 
11 Polaris 5:20 
12 Decampment to Arcadia 4:14

DIN| DiN34 (CD 62:39) ***½

The label DiN is known to present high-quality contemporary music of which the accessibly isn’t for all ears. Certainly there are exceptions, such as Arc and Ian Boddy's certain works that have a touch of heavy British School style. But the vast majority of these works from DiN remains experimental so less accessible to a larger audience. And still there is a public curious and fond of these sonic tones which evolve on progressive moods, hybrid ambiances or rhythmic structures. And that’s there that the DiN label has its entire signification. “Arcadia Borealis” is an artistic encounter between a Norwegian guitarist (Erik Wollo) with his poetic and melodious musical approach and a sound wizard (Bernhard Wöstheinrich) who has an imagination as complex as brilliant. It’s a skillful blend where the romantic poetry of Wollo perfumes the musical structures tinted by an audacious sound editing which tortures the soft melodious fragrance hanging and floating here and there, giving a surprising album which wants to be a tribute to the Big North and its explorers.
Some noises of a wild nature behind ochre blows open "The Wayfarers". A soft romantic synth floats on cymbals with discreet clicking sounds in an avian musical fauna, paving a cadence in a shape of tick-tack bitten by the jolts of a soft bass line that another line of symphonic synth plunges into a delicious melodious sphere. "The Wayfarers" dances then on a heavy rhythm, inflamed by melodious strata which thins out the leaves on a curt pace, punctuated by a brief atmospheric stop, in a sound universe filled of a rich poetic paradox. This opening draws the canvas of an album with harmonious tints on passages at once ambient, ethereal and sometimes lively where melodious layers and strata embrace a stunning eclectic approach. "Exploration" continues with a similar intro where a supple rhythm is building a ballade approach around a synth with shimmering breezes. On mid-route the melodious part is crushed by a passage with arrhythmic pulsations before plunging again in the harmonious approach of its overture. And so goes “Arcadia Borealis”. Whether it’s with sweet and soft musical pieces, such as "Solar Wind" which offers a sweet jazzy structure stuffed with poetic layers and wrapped by a soft solitary piano or still the suave "Terrestrial Magnetism" which exudes the Scandinavian boreal solitude or even the ambient and atmospheric "White Sea", every track of “Arcadia Borealis” is fed of rhythms and ambiances with thousand composite tones. An album where Bernhard Wöstheinrich knits tones and broken rhythms ("Airship", "Mirror Image" and "The Wayfarers") recovered by the sweetness and the poetic visions of Erik Wollo's guitars.
Arcadia Borealis” is a beautiful album, strange to hear but still a beauty. It’s a nice musical adventure where Erik Wollo's melodious lyricism faces the music stylistic daring of Bernhard Wöstheinrich who takes well care of keeping intact the poetic feelings of his one opus companion. An enchanting opus which exudes the paradox of the wild beauty of those Nordic countries isolated as still unknown worl
Sylvain Lupari (November 5th, 2009 and translated on September1st, 2012)
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