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“Logos is an absolute work without faults where rhythms and ambiences change constantly of orientations in perfect symbiosis with their melodious dependences”

1 Logos 44:39
2 Dominion 5:26
VIRGIN: CDV 2257 (CD 50:15) *****

Logos” is a hell of opus! An absolute work without faults recorded during the superb and stunning tour of 81/82. An electronic tour where Tangerine Dream, then in the stride of his digital apprenticeship, stigmatized our ears with a meshing of experimental and progressive structures which abounded of these passages always so melodious unique to the signature of the Dream. And this is the strength of “Logos”; rhythms and ambiences which change constantly of orientations, borrowing unsuspected tangents which are always in perfect symbiosis with their melodious dependences.
Divided into 4 big themes subdivided by heavily atmospheric passages, “Logos” begins with gurgling and electronic effects which plunge us straight in the core of the discoveries of the Dream's digital era. Quietly a slow rhythm, torn by its psychedelic and cosmic aromas, gets a hold of this long musical fresco. The intro bathes in a cosmic and electronic ambience with a slow rhythm fed by slamming percussions which resound among pads and layers of synth to tones as metallic as spectral so distinct to the Dream. This slow rhythm leads us towards a kind of electronic blues where the synth solos are cooing in a universe stuffed with melodies which will furnish Risky Business and other soundtracks to come. Already 11 minutes at the meter that this melodious approach plunges into a black hole. The synths release some flickering metallic mists and quietly we are absorbed by this strange nothingness kind of approach when percussions appear from nowhere, drumming a fuzzy rhythm which rolls beneath the steams of a synth where choruses à la break-dance DJ (tchick-tchick-ankle) fill the ambience of synthesized slogans. Unbridled the rhythm hiccups on an alert sequencer. It increases the pace on synths with heavy threatening reverberations. This sequencer is sublime. It recovers the rhythm with new modulations of percussions, like some unreal tams-tams of which the frenzy strikings are drawing a stunning harmonic approach in a maze of double jerky strikes. And so is rolling this dislocated rhythm which is submerged by a synth with odd vocal codes and slow, sinuous and spasmodic riffs. This first storm relaxes in a melodious approach with synths with silky harmonies which accompany the rhythm up to its 2nd atmospheric pit at around the 25th minute (there where the 1st part ends on the album version) where hollow breaths adorn a morphic ambience. Percussions bang into this 2nd oblivion phase, awakening synths with sleepy breaths and introducing an ingenuous melody. Metallic noise shakes these dark linear pulsations. Floating, the synth weaves melodies which roam in harmony with their scattered chords. Chords lost in a panting synth and percussions tetanised by a decreasing approach, like a drunkard walking backward. This approach will be abruptly knocked down when that Franke debauches his sequencer into unbridled percussions on a breakneck pace. These sequences with insane strikings give birth to an infernal rhythmic approach which will be harpooned by a solo of sequences and percussions, enclosing a long musical odyssey that will end in a wonderful harmonious finale, a little as if our brave warriors of synthesizer returned their weapons with the firm intention to take them back. And it’s with "Dominion", a very rhythmical title with orchestral synth and catchy tune that ends this splendid opus.
Logos” is sheer madness cultural. As soon as the announcer does the introduction of TD, up until its very end we are hung on. Franke, Froese and Schmoelling play with complicity. Every movement, every reversal and every sequence/percussion are knowingly calculated so as to build harmonious melodies that shake our spinal and raise our arms hairs. Brilliant “Logos” is simply inescapable. And this like many other titles of Tangerine Dream, who in that time amazed from CD to CD, each exceeding the limit of its precedent with melodies which still swirl in our memories. Unique melodies, hung on on constantly evolving structures that still haunt us and demonstrate that the Berlin trio wasn’t second to none for allying experimental and melodic approaches in the same pattern.

Sylvain Lupari (September 16th, 2006 and translated on August 27th, 2012)
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  1. Logos is absolutely brilliant, so glad it's still a part of their sets today


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