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MAC: In the Wind (2011)

"More than an album of conventional EM, In the Wind allies several universes under the same shelter"

1 Prologue 1:56
2 Be Ashamed 10:56
3 Cold Fury 2:31
4 Unearthed 10:10
5 Wrong Week 23:18
6 In the Wind 2:42

CLASSIC EM SERIES Vol. 17 (DDL or CD-R 51:37) ***¾

Let’s be honest! Every time that I approached a work of Mac, I did it from the tips of my ears. To many of us, the Italian synthesist is not to be seriously taken. Locked in his ivory tower Mac produces music at a breakneck pace. From classic Berlin School to a horror or sci-fi tales while passing by easy-listening and loud prog rock, Mac touches to everything and lies down all his musical fantasias on CD, or in downloadable format, that he offers for free on his Web site. Considering the proverb that the quantity floods the quality; this proliferation of music and genres leaves several sceptics regarding the quality and the integrity of his works. And nevertheless!  “In the Wind” is a very good album where the roots of Italian progressive music soak into the influences of Tangerine Dream of the 70's. Ignoring the snobbery of which he is the object of some of his peers, Mac can easily look up and down those who look at him of scornfully because he shows beyond any doubts that free music can also be synonymic of quality.
After a short ode for winds in "Prologue", the delicate drums which roll among some electromagnetic breezes open the doors to the stunning "Be Ashamed" and its bipolar rhythms. Layers of old organs spread an occult blanket while a filet of synth espouses the voices of ghostly mermaids which hoot on a superb bed of sequences of which the hopping ions dig a delicate circular rhythm. The percussions harpoon this upward spiral that strata of mellotron mist are covering of an aura of the 70's poetry. Serene, the tempo tumbles over on more fed percussions and sequences which hiccup furiously while the pace of "Be Ashamed" falls in love with a spasmodic movement where cymbals and devastating lines of organ take the shape of a rhythm which evolves frenziedly to reach its peak with limpid arpeggios which feast in the shade of furious synth solos. And quietly the tempo slows down, cowering over fiery growls and lamentations of a guitar which exchange its solos and riffs with synth solos as much passionate as angelic. These protean structures which knock down the evolution of "Be Ashamed" are the cornerstone of “In the Wind” where the heavy and pulsatory rhythms at pluralism velocity get lost in ambiences sometimes ethereal and cosmic. With its metallic breezes which sing under intense pulsating intonations, "Cold Fury" is a prelude to "Unearthed" and to its musical universe which swings between Tangerine Dream (Ricochet and Green Desert eras) and the apocalyptic visions of Vangelis. The intro spreads a dark veil with heavy twisted reverberations which mutter of their bitter waves until the twilight of a cosmos imprinted of embryonic dreams. The structure emerges from its lunar sleep a little after the 4th minute with the return of the swaddled reverberations from where are escaping some beautiful guitar laments, announcing a rhythm with slow undulatory strides which zigzags awkwardly under the breaths of a ghostly synth. And the rhythm of "Unearthed" pours towards a more progressive structure with very good percussions and a mixture of solos of synths and guitars, of which the piercing breaths swirl around delicate crystalline arpeggios.
Well sat over its 23 minutes, "Wrong Week" illustrates all the diversity of rhythms and ambiences that we find on “In the Wind”. Musical and scheming, the intro floats between two spheres with its brief uncertain pads which roam between ringing of bells. Sequenced ions pierce this membrane of uncertainty and are dancing in a delicious invertebrate spiral from which the lively flow winds a thick cloud of chords and lost breaths. The whole thing draws a stunning chassé croisé of sequences and twisted melodies which zigzag in a hallucinating symbiosis which hiccups of a chaotic rhythm under a din of percussions with stormy movements and spasmodic sequences. These hatched keys spin under mists of mellotron and melodic spasms of a synth to psychedelic fragrances as well as a guitar to concise solos but with heavy riffs. This rhythmic effervescence gets quieter at around the 14th minute, a morphic period of "Wrong Week" with its long hollow hootings which blow in a universe of eclectic ambient tones. A wonderful mellotron flute emerges from it, a little after the 17th minute, entailing the listener in the dreamlike lands of the Dream , circa Rubycon and Phaedra. Souvenirs which take root with the slow staccato crescendo which follows and which drags "Wrong Week" in a superb final where the electronic approach is soaked with this Daliesque notion which encircles the structures of “In the Wind”. The title track concludes this unexpected discovery that is “In the Wind” with a balladesque approach where a beautiful acoustic guitar polishes its melancholic notes in the breaths of a misty flute. It’s so beautiful!
In the Wind” is a strong opus! More than an album of conventional EM, this 17th album of Mac collection of Classic EM Series allies several universes under the same shelter. By merging drums and incisive sequences, synths and guitars, as light as heavy, into floating and literally spectral ambiences, Mac weaves a universe where parallel worlds cross themselves in a stunning symbiosis anarchy/melody. And it’s doubtless the strength of “In the Wind”; rhythms and ambiences which evolve in constant contrast with the anticipated developments, always keeping the listener on the alert. Here's the link to put your hands on it as well as many other  works of Mac:

Sylvain Lupari (August 20h, 2012)
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