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MAC: Aelectroid (2009)

“Aelectroid is this kind of musical madness which lives in the effervescent and ever insatiable creativity of Mac”

1 Men from the Moon 4:24 
2 Landslide 5:02  
3 Powerless 3:22  
4 The Asylum 7:25  
5 Third from the Sun 6:03  
6 Plasma 1:56   
7 Defining Moments 5:30  
8 March of the innocents 3:55  
9 Dance of the Little Lights 7:32  
10 Too stupid to Suffer 4:04   
11 Warmth 2:58  
12 Aelectroids (Another Wing) 6:14

CLASSIC EM SERIES Vol. 8 (DDL or CD-R 58:11) ***

The universe of music is in constant effervescence with the emergence of new technologies allowing to recreate an outfit of tones which oscillate between the sound fauna of the analog years and the more contemporary one. Mac belongs to this generation of musicians who like these new technologies. His last opus, “Aelectroid”, was completely conceived from a multitude of VST plugs-in and virtual instruments create by the Polish house Elektrostudio. It’s resulting in a cosmic experimentation album where the personal touch of the Italian synthesist is melting pleasantly to the steams of TomitaJean Michel Jarre and Synergy. It's a surprising mixture of styles which charms as much as it disconcerts.
Reverberations full of resonances in a musical world at the borders of a cosmic stream à la Tomita opens "Men from the Moon", and Mac's 33rd opus, with a very heterogeneous approach. After this introductory cosmic storm, a soft solitary flute pierces the void and paves the way to a heavy wave-like sequence from which the key remains hung, creating a strange rhythmic subdivision which flows in a colorful sound dryad. More musical and more spectral, "Landslide" offers a similar structure where the tempo is molded on a minimalism sequence with a frenzied pulsation which clears its path among a variety of twisted solos. "Powerless" is more melodious with its soft cosmic bed song which introduces a synth chant and its analog sound effects of the 70's. It’s quite a nice track that awakes some souvenirs from the Space Art era. "The Asylum" plunges us into the strange spheres of Tangerine Dream, era Phaedra and Stratosfear, with a very beautiful fluty intro which shape an odd musical dance, depicting a fanciful madness born in a synth with twisted movements. Can we say that "Third from the Sun" is a wink of eye to the rumbas of Jarre? I think so! It’s another charming title, quite as "Too stupid to Suffer",which breathes the rattlers percussions effects of Jarre music on a soft approach with the sweet cosmic perfumes which enclosed Jarre's first 3 works.
Mysterious, "Defining Moments" has no precise rhythms. Without being atonal this title evolves under various rhythmic approaches where a synth fuses its heavy strata, its oblong and resonant chords of which the brilliancy are encircled by a sequence pattern which turns like a cosmic carousel. I can’t avoid doing it, but each listening of "Dance of the Little Lights" drags me down in the universe of Synergy and the fabulous Chords. It’s a brilliant dance of lights where the sonorous imagination of Mac goes beyond his fiction vision. A very good music piece which depicts pretty well the electro-psychedelic universe of “Aelectroid”. After the soft and romantic lullaby that is "Warmth", "Aelectroids (Another Wing)" concludes in a kind of musical fiesta which resumes the musical and sound universe of “Aelectroid”. It’s a track at once complex and harmonious where the synths are sidestepping on quirky and split up rhythms, like the step of a fat cat on a razor wire.
Aelectroid” is this kind of musical madness which lives in the effervescent and ever insatiable creativity of Mac. It’s an excellent way to discovering the creative multiplicity of Mac on a varied album where he embraces all of his influences with this touch of creative outburst which makes the mark of this contemporary Banffi. To those whom that interests the album is free, as well as a crowd of others, on Mac website at:
Sylvain Lupari (February 10th, 2010 and translated on August 22, 2012)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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