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DEBORAH MARTIN & ERIK WOLLO: Between Worlds (2009)

“Between Worlds is an audacious opus which moulds pleasantly the voices and instruments of the Native Americans to synths and tones of today”

1 Between Worlds 5:38
2 Spirit Song 6:36 
3 Anasazi 6:55 
4 The Thunder And The Water 6:11 
5 Ancestral Whispers 5:17 
6 Canyonland 5:52  
7 A Healing Way 3:37
8 Gathering At Sunrise 4:11  
9 Distant Voices 5:35
10 From Earth To The Sky 4:33  
11 Sunrise At Whiteriver 4:53
12 Winds Of Time 3:57

SPOTTEDPECCARY SPM9062 (CD 63:14) ***¼
Sometimes we want to hear something different. The kind of thing we are not used to hear. Here is a surprising work with a mythical and a very tribal approach of the peoples of North America first nations. “Between Worlds” is a pleasant surprise which exudes the autumnal legends of the Native Americans. An album to sonorities that amaze and surprise in a world where in a meeting place where two paradoxical universes, but indeed in parallels, couple with instruments of former days and current technology. With Steve Roach collaboration on electronic effects, Deborah Martin and Erik Wollo (two artists recognized to bring very emotional nuances to their creations) concocted a fabulous musical epic stuffed of ingenious sound effects which listens to as the wind sings towards plains, dunes and mountains. Some Indians stories told with a glittering sound dexterity.
A somber wind, hauled by tribal twinklings, open the eponymous track. Clan percussions and beautiful bass espouse the languishing rhythm which appears from it, seized by a beautiful flute which undulates with wandering on surprising singings of disappeared nation, of which the reconstruction is completely surprising. And it is the strength of “Between Worlds”. Throughout this temporal journey,
Martin and Wollo leave a superb place to tribal sound elements that we hear with delight in western movies and imagine with wonder on stories about the Amerindians people. Titles as "Between World" and "The Thunder and the Water" feed these hypnotic paces which initiated spiritual dances and trances of the Indian sorcerers. Deep from the woods strange voices rise where we believe guessing those are breaths of spirits. Incantations are chanting on heavy biting reverberations, while hypnotic tom-tom sounds are charging "Spirit Song" on a bewitching cadence, where spit vipers’ cymbals, somber spiritual winds and Amerindian singings abound around a sweet ethereal guitar. It’s a title with strong tribal essence, like we can also find on "A Healing Way" and "From Earth to the Sky". The eclectic aspect is present throughout “Between Worlds”. Heterogeneous elements which become entangled into heavy synth droning à la Roach on titles like"Anasazi" and "Canyonland" which are close to a dark and tenebrous tribal universe. "Ancestral Whispers", "Gathering at Sunrise", "Distant Voices and Sunrise at Whiteriver" are atonal musical pieces where the duality between the elements of a floating space, seized with sweet synth stratas, stumble on Indian folkloric songs, incantations and stories of people to thousand legends. Deborah Martin and Erik Wollo's “Between Worlds” is a beautiful musical surprise. An audacious opus which moulds pleasantly the voices and instruments of the Native Americans to synths, programming and synthetic tones of today’s gears, not to say tomorrow, in harmonious, enchanting , and even cosmic contexts. I got to say it’s not pure EM, nor insipid New Age. It’s simply wonderful Indian tribal music, marinated in an electronic broth. For those who want to hear something different…

Sylvain Lupari (November 20th,2009 and translated on August 29th, 2012)Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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