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VOLT: HiJi (2008)

"HjVi is unarguably a major work which will please to fans of heavy and dark sequencing à la Tangerine Dream of the 70's, Ramp and Redshift"

1 Primaeval 21:09
2 Atavistic 20:16
3 Signals 20:45
4 Extinction 14:17

GROOVE: GR-152 (CD 76:29) ***1/2

Recorded live at the famous Hampshire Jam festival in 2007 “HjVi” kicks off on hubcaps. After a sound-check intro, where a heavy siren switches into a THX sound effect, "Primaeval" tumbles on heavy and hopping sequencers into an infernal pace captured by a dense mellotron nebulosity gashed of floating pads and watered of juicy synth solos. The intro of "Primaeval" bursts in the ears with a sequential intensity which is so much at the image of the English duet which is strongly inspired by Tangerine Dream of the 70’s. It's a heavy opening which quietly quietens down on a more crystal clear sequence which coos in cascade under a more serene synth and a mellotron as denser as wrapping, creating the rhythmic paradox on which Volt feeds of. Ensues a strange fight of unreal percussions which splits up the tempo under synths to apocalyptic sirens, guiding us towards a finale where the heavy solos get lost in a soft minimalism melody which binds itself to the intro of "Atavistic". A somber morphic sweetness curls up in the cosmos whereas the synth blows some heavy humming flooded in a mellotron which waltzes lonely. Soft piano notes pop out from this astral nebulosity, prelude to a light and minimalist sequential movement which is encircled by a charming synth from which the enchanting lines are multiplying in its echo. This movement hiccups on percussions that have a kind of double echoing impact, while a synth guitar complains in an ambient structure which is not without recalling the world of Robert Rich. "Signals" starts also tepidly. This is dark ambient which waltzes on soft mellotrons before that some beep-beep tones awaken the movement with a heavy sequencer spiting a nervous tempo. A resonant tempo, always coated with beautiful mellotron pads, which will embrace a frolic loudness beneath some vicious synths of which the reverberations borrow textures of guitars. This is pure and loud TD. Simply divine! "Extinction" is the encore and starts with soft floating mellotrons. A little before the 4th minute the movement becomes more accentuated with good sequencing and a soft synth à la Wavelenght. The rhythm becomes more limpid with mixed sequences, creating a rhythm moulded into abstruse hoppings which explodes on strong e-percussions and barrel beneath a rain of solos in a heavy and explosive finale, commanding for another listening of this 5th opus from Volt.
For several “HjVi” is the most complete and accomplished work from Volt. Without claiming to know by heart all of Shipway/Smith catalog (I quite loved Nucleosynthesis), “HjVi” is unarguably a major work. I would even say an inescapable which will delight the fans of heavy and powerful sequences, borrowed to the Berlin School of Tangerine Dream of the 70’s, and more contemporary the pride and loudness of ['ramp] and Redshift, with an audacious ingenuity which suits perfectly in a more modern era. To be listening with all the intensity that it commands.
Sylvain Lupari (December 12th, 2008 and translated on July 26th, 2012)
Cet article est disponible en Français sur le site de Guts of Darkness, dont je suis chroniqueur sous le nom de Phaedream:

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