lundi 2 juillet 2012

TANGERINE DREAM: Electric Mandarine Tour (Montreal 2012)


The love story between the Montreal public and Tangerine Dream goes back to a superb concert, considered by several as being a classic, given at La Place des Arts in April, 1977. Since then, the group of Froese came back only 2 other times; in June 86 at the Lac des Dauphins (La Ronde) and at the same La Place des Arts in September 92. It’s so much too little for a cult group who maintains his legions of fans in Quebec since that Stratosfear has invaded the radio waves of the rock station CHOM-FM in 1976. It's thus like something 20 years later that the nostalgic fans, as well as new followers, looked forward to the raising of curtains for this show which was at light years of the very first historic rendezvous.
Keys get lost among the heavy percussions which hammer a rhythm of lead and "The Sensational Fall of the Master Builder" burst out with all the power that we know of this boiling track from Finnegan's Wake. The tone is set. Although very loud, the music of the Dream flows like magical in our ears. We know that we will attend to quite a concert. "Dolphin Dance", "The Cliffs of Sydney" and "Song of the Whale, Part II" follow with all the correctness of their lyrical approaches. The interpretations are simply wonderful. The synths are fluid and harmonious while the rhythmic, sometimes too loud, adds an impressive dimension to these titles builder of memories. These too powerful rhythms bury all the melodious nuances of "Ayumi's Loom" and "Logos" (which I recognize hardly) but return justice to the great "Marmontel Riding on a Clef" as well as the rocky "Oriental Haze". After a very long version of "Love on a Real Train", where Edgar and Thorsten gave a beautiful duel synth/sequences, the vibrating interpretation of "Underwater Twilight" comes to loop the loop of the memories from the 86 tour. Bernhard Beibl who is as much cutting as Zlatko Perica, but a bit quieter, gave quite a performance on "Homeless" where the heavy and incisive guitar solos awaken memories of the 92 tour. After a rather rocky version of  "Going West", "One Night in Space" leads us to one of the highlights of the evening; the striking version of "The Silver Boots of Bartlett Green".
The 20 minutes break gave me the chance to collect the emotions of the crowd towards this first part. And all the people asked are unanimous to say that we attend to a page of history and that it’s simply an outstanding event. If some are disappointed not to hear more timeless great classics, the vast majority of them were captivated by "The Silver Boots of Bartlett Green" (what a blasty version!) as well as the opening track ("The Sensational Fall of the Master Builder") which nailed us to our seat.
Then came along Edgar. Dressed in black, as all the band, he sat alone on his virtual piano (showed by a big TV screen behind him). Lonely and looking so fragile he starts dropping notes that comfort the audience which went mad when we recognized knows the classic of the classics; "Ricochet". After came "Lady Monk" and "Long Island Sunset", which bring to light Linda Spa and her flute, while "Blue Bridge" came to loop another timeless loop of the 92 tour with a splendid duet consisted of Linda Spa and Edgar Froese who were exchanging solos of saxophone and guitar. Edgar is as well moving as Linda can be sensual. That was another highlight and still other great moments were waiting for us after the nice version of "Alchemy of the Heart" where, dressed in his melancholic air, Thorsten Quaeschning frees the first notes of "Warsaw in the Sun". I still have tears in my soul while writing this. Me who always dreamed of seeing TD played "Warsaw in the Sun", there I was and there it was. What a great moment that will be engraved in my heart and memories for years. It’s a strong and powerful interpretation which allies the romance of this classic to the passion of TD's last year’s musical orientations. And the excerpt "Horizon" glued me in my dreams with another superb musical intrusion in this epic title. There was this strange duel violin (Hoshiko Yamane) / percussions (Iris Camaa) before that "White Eagle" made vibrate our backbone, while "Legend's Loved by the Sun" should have remained a legend. "Stratosfear ' 95" encloses this 2nd part with a heavy and hammering version which will resound in our ears much later the Encores which includes an interpretation of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, a title sung by Thorsten Quaeschning (to I am told that it was The Doors' Crystal Ship, I would have thought of Cry Little Sister from Under Cover) and a lightning version of "Phaedra".
It’s nearly 200 minutes of music, souvenirs and nostalgias that paraded in my ears on this evening of June 20th, 2012 at La Place des Arts. It’s also a 4th concert for 4 decades and as much different periods that make the link between them. Because there is always a vital lead in the music of Tangerine Dream. A link which makes that even if it's quite different, everything is at the same time alike. And this thread is Edgar Froese. You should have to see the old silver fox, with his eyes filled with melancholy and pride, guided his 5 musicians with a surprising complicity in a setlist which reflects admirably all the dimension of Tangerine Dream. Yes I shall have loved to hear more classics, but not at the price of excluding some jewels such as "The Sensational Fall of the Master Builder", "Marmontel Riding on a Clef" or still "The Silver Boots of Bartlett Green". The solution would have been that the Dream plays more than 4 hours, even 5 hours, to satisfy all those who are ardent supporters of this group which known how to navigate against all odds for more than 40 years. And when the only negative point towards this event is the lack of time, even after more than 3 hours of music, it does signify that the rendezvous with the magic of Tangerine Dream was more than a simple success!
Sylvain Sylvain Lupari (July 2nd, 2012)

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  1. Great review. In all my years of waiting, it happened. The first 1/2 hour I was in tears and the rest totally mesmerized. This was indeed a special event to be remembered. To all EM lovers, if this tour is in your path, buy a ticket and enjoy the ride, who knows if the opportunity will happen again. Great performance, thank you TD.


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