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KLAUS SCHULZE: ''...LIVE...'' (1980)

"Klaus Schulze’s Live is a stunning musical journey over the best era of analog EM"

1 Bellistique 21:20
2 Sense 51:00
1 Heart 30:53
2 Dymagic 29:21
3 Le Mans au Premier (Bonus Track) 17:58

REVISITED RECORDS: SPV 78832 DCD - REV 076 (150:32)
Phew!!! Those who find my reviews too long are going to want to tear away my head. But how can we be short of words in front of such a monument? This Live” Klaus Schulze's 2 CD set is more than a simple live album. It’s a first anthology which harmonizes the most creative era in analog EM, which subtly orientates its musical structure to those more cutting rhythms of the beginning of its digital time then at its first stammering. “Live” is a double CD for two musical worlds which merge on a delicate paradox that only a visionary as Schulze could create in the most electronic harmonies. Recorded at the height of the minimalism electronic movement in Berlin in 76, CD 1 opens under a rain of applauses of more than 90 seconds. Schulze the conqueror dominates his art and his public shows him good. We hear on it a Klaus Schulze, alert and dreamer, to flood his minimalism sequential sound fields of sulphurous synth solos which get lost in the misty mists of his changes of structures. All the history of his sequenced movements is there, from Timewind to X; a splendid collection which demonstrates the genius of a single man at the commands of huge walls of synths and sequencers. And, let's remind the context, sequences were analog and conceived in improvisation, still showing the genius and the know-how of Master Schulze.
"Bellistique" attacks the hearing on an aggressive sequencer with curt and jerky percussion hits. Soon the synth becomes monarch and raises an unbridled melody where solos are contorting in an improvised musical drunkenness. The rhythm is furious and no one is sleeping because Schulze brings his nuances when needed on subtle modulations in tones which shape an ambivalent structure. Even on this remastered version we feel the merging of those C-90 tapes that Schulze brought by about twenty, because he recorded each of his concerts, to re-form the finale of "Bellistique" on a spatial sea where the cosmic breezes are flooding the bows of Mellotron violins designed and modulated by the creator of X. Like on the Manikin Records this new edition of “Live” offers the complete version of "Sense", a 51 minutes epic title which embraces all the spheres of Schulze repertoire who at that time worked on Body Love. The work of Grosskopf on drums is impressive, but what impresses most is the performance of Schulze. Alone, he fills our ears to the top! Not just in tone but in creativity. And it’s not the retouches in studio which improve the work, because those who possess the bootlegs of that era are able to observe the versatility, the subtlety of the structures and the genius of Schulze in composition. As for me, "Sense" is the ultimate reference in analog EM of this era. No other artist are gone that far in the conception and formulation of musical structures than Schulze.
Recorded in Paris and Amsterdam in 79, CD 2 entails to us towards the more cutting tones of orchestral Mellotrons and sequencers to chimed percussions. The obscure floating intro of "Heart" can seem long with its atonic pulsations filled by a Mellotron veil which intensifies its opacity. This movement has its importance in the story of EM because he is a precursor of those wavering movements filled with floating harmonies. I think in particular of Steve Roach and Michael Stearns. This wonderful intro build on sensitive modulations is mutating into some smooth synth stratospheres where Schulze weaves his solos in a hypnotic and enchanting ambience. The 2nd part of "Heart" reveals a Schulze at the crossroad of his analog floating art who quietly moves towards the one more rhythmic and livened up of a digital musical universe. Glockenspiels keys and bass-drum percussions on Arabic Mellotron flute, the fusion is completed and shows Klaus Schulze's ascension towards “Dig It”, “Audentity” and the sublime “Dziekuje Poland”. Musically quite interesting with its long minimalism path "Dymagic" is the very first collaboration between Schulze and Arthur Brown. This amazing teamwork finds all its magic on a crazy ascending race shaped by an unbridled sequencer. Brown is mordant and follows admirably well Schulze in the darkest hidden recesses of his madness for broken and undisciplined rhythms. His voice is powerful and full of a disproportionate passion, equal to the structural contortions of a title built on astounding sequential interlacing. This new edition offers a title in bonus recorded at Abbaye de l’Epau, France, on November 10th 79. Very inspired by the ambience which reigned over there, Klaus Schulze delivers a beautiful floating ode filled with cosmic steams of an incredible serenity. It’s a superb movement which floats with tenderness, in a universe unique to Schulze, on great fading modulations and an ascent towards a sharply more livened up structure. According to the booklet inside, this track is the first part of the concert which was also offered as bonus on Dune.
Klaus Schulze's “Live” is a most have for any fan of classical EM. It’s 5 long tracks full of Schulze magic who draw elusive musical structures on versatile and changeable moods. It’s a huge musical journey over the best era of analog EM where synth solos and angelic choirs of mist were wrapping sequences fantasia and frenzied rhythms in long musical forms with twisted improvisations. It’s the best time of EM put on 2 CD. And as usual this new edition of Revisited Records contains a very nice booklet which, at each new release, completes a little more the magical story of Klaus Schulze.

Sylvain Lupari (August 29th, 2007 and translated on July 13th, 2012)
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