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"Exit is a nice collection of 6 tracks which only miss those musical bridges to link them in one great music piece"
1 Kiew Mission 9:18
2 Pilots of Purple Twilight 4:19
3 Choronzon 4:07
4 Exit 5:33
5 Network 23 4:55
6 Remote Viewing 8:20

VIRGIN CDV2212 (CD/36:32)

It’s with renewed at the state-of-the-art equipment and with some dust from Thief that Tangerine Dream undertook a new turn with Exit. And, like it or not, it was a bitter disappointment. Used we were, except from soundtracks, to long forms musical pieces which sometimes perspired of great improvisations and were fed by so many rebounding, Exit offers a collection of 6 titles which, together, don’t exceed the 40 minutes length. That was something to make go pale the die-hard fans of the band. Nevertheless as much shorts these tracks could have been, Franke, Froese and Schmoelling still filled our ears at full.
Metallic explosions open the sieve of "Kiew Mission". The percussions are rolling on an intro which doubtless inspired Blade Runner. Nervous the sequencer runs so well among the percussions, that we wonder which ones are which ones. A melodious synth line encircles the rhythm which becomes blurred to leave room to a nice voice of a Russian actress who recites words of hope and peace for the Russian people who lives a disturbing international tension on a narrative music. Solos of synth fly over a static ambience which livens up on more incisive keys leading to a superb melodious passage where the synth lends its breath to tones which easily mix into heterogeneous voices. It’s a great track which rolls on brilliant sequencing and nice metalized synth layers which became a classic and still furnish TD's concerts. "Pilots of Purple Twilight" is a static track on a metallic background in suspension. Pierced by synth lances it buzzes of intensity in the shade of a heavy and nervous sequencer. "Chorozon" is terrific! It’s a heavy and loud track caressed by a melodious synth. It has all the ingredients to please; symmetric percussions, atmospheric synth with harmonious strata which cut a wonderful and catchy melody fed by celestial choirs on a background of temporary madness. The whole thing lies on an evolutionary rhythm filled by slamming sequences which hold in contempt the usual percussions. It’s a short and simply divine track, quite as the fabulous "Network 23" and its beat à la Kraftwerk. The title-track is a superb melody which will become legion in the repertoire to come of TD. All in its subtlety, flexibility and harmony, the circular movements are of melodious candy comfortably settled on a light rhythmic section. "Remote Viewing" replaces in saddle the cautious approach of TD's tones. It’s a little like the intriguing and floating ambiences of Invisible Limits and the works of all stripes from the early years of the band with a zest of Thief in it.
With Exit, Tangerine Dream tries a more accessible and commercial approach of its works. Short tracks which are good, needs to admit it, and which show an innate sense of harmonies. Is it the Schmoelling effect? It’s look like this! With hindsight it couldn't have been otherwise; because once Schmoelling left, the melodic musical orientation of TD took a beating. But let’s put us in the context; after Tangram the fans awaited, and aptly, for a more complex, a more sophisticated work, from where the generalized deception. Or was it just me? Anyway! As far as I’m concern now, Exit is a nice collection of 6 melodious and rhythmic music pieces to which are only missing these musical bridges that link those ones into one great piece of music. And there one would have shout to genius!
Sylvain Lupari (September 3rd, 2006, translated on June 14th, 2012)
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