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LOOM: 100 001 (2011)

"100 001 is a tepid but musically nice invitation to discover Loom which is the meeting of the beast, the poet and the centaur"
1 The Light that Failed 5:52
2 Sun Castle 4:28
3 On my Way 5:15
4 The Hand of Bosch 3:23


The bonds that tie Jerome Froese and Johannes Schmoelling, go back to the time when this last one was member of Tangerine Dream. Moreover on certain photos of this period we noticed a very attentive Schmoelling to the young Froese. Thus it’s nothing more normal that sooner or later these two ex-members of TD would combine their talents in some kind of musical project. And it's later than earlier that this project saw the light of day. In fact the idea had already germinated in 2008 but for various reasons, the Loom project was postponed in 2011 with a performance that the new trio, flanked by Robert Waters; a much in demand studio producer in Berlin and who has already worked with Schmoelling, gave a much appreciated show at the prestigious EM festival of The Netherlands, E-Live in October 2011. 100 001 is a short EP that was launched on the fringes of this event. An EP consisted of 4 very melodious tracks, written in solo by each of the members. Robert Waters is the most prolific one by signing two of them, while Schmoelling and Froese are dividing the rest.
Sequences flittering with furtive and jerky keys open the intro of "The Light that Failed",a furious and heavy title composed by Jerome Froese and which is in the same vein as his latest works. Their lively and shrillness oscillatory crossings are throwing themselves within solid percussions, entailing the rhythm in a whirlwind fed by the heavy riffs of the Guitartronica. In full control of his pachydermic structures, the young Froese knows how to bring a harmonious filet to another title of his heavy electronica that ends with a great sequencing mood à la Thief. It’s very good and by far the most powerful track on this short EP. "Sun Castle" and "The Hand of Bosch" were written by Robert Waters. It’s the very first time that my ears meet the music and I got to say that I was pretty charmed by "Sun Castle" which starts with a synth which widens its warm breeze towards a fine tempo slightly cadenced. It’s a pleasant melody sits on a good layout of sequences and percussions which encircle a synth more romantic than dramatic on a structure which is a crossing between Jerome Froese and Tangerine Dream. "The Hand of Bosch" is a title which tends a little more towards a New Age style with its notes of guitar filled by a Celtic charm on a delicate structure of silk. It’s little as if Mike Oldfield met Vangelis. We looked forward to listen to some new material from Johannes Schmoelling and we are not disappointed with "On my Way" which rests on a rather dramatic introduction, but where is flowing a very nice melody which is on horseback between Wuivend Riet and Instant City and which will widen its harmonies up until Time and Tide.
Loom is the meeting of the beast, the poet and the centaur. If it's less obvious on 100 001, which is a tepid but musically nice invitation to discover this trio, the performance on Scored spits out this apologue. As for this first EP, it shows some beautiful possibilities for a hard, powerful and very harmonious EM where the wild rhythms of the Tangerine Dream's rock years tangle the melodic times of Schmoelling. Perspectives of days and of E-music that is maybe at the diapason of our waits! I think among others of "Modulation Agents" and "Crystal Red", two new titles on Scored composed by Froese/Schmoelling and Froese/Waters. And, as it is often the case with the works of Froese junior, it’s in a limited edition of 500 copies which are, I believe, already gone.

Sylvain Lupari (June 20th, 2012)
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