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JEROME FROESE: Einzelkind (2011)

“Einzelkind strengthens Jerome Froese as being the king of Heavy Rock Electronica”

1 Glasmenagerie 5:13
2 Sprachlabor 5:55

Here is Jerome Froese's new creative project. As his paternal does with the CUPDISC series, MOONLOOP is a series of mini cd from which each issue will concern a specific subject and every subject will be accompanied by 2 titles at indefinite lengths. The first chosen subject seems to be the childhood of an only child (Einzelkind) with as artwork a picture of Jerome alone in front of a TV in Japan during the first tour of Tangerine Dream in 1983. And most of the sounds are resulting from old video games and consoles that would have (speculations here) furnished the solitary person childhood of the young Jerome Froese.
Childhood or not, nostalgic or not, the music of Jerome is always so heavy and roaring. "Glasmenagerie", for Glass Menagerie, is a powerful whirlwind manhandled by knocks of percussions. With years, Jerome's writing style brings the insertion of beautiful melodious approaches to his tracks of lead and those of "Glasmenagerie" float on heavy pulsations and breaths of metal finely hatched. The structure is heavy and powerful and is filled with a delicious musicality which stores its harmonious filets through the jerky riffs of his Guitartronica. It’s very good! Furthermore there is this strange smell of candy pop which floats here and there, adding a fascinating bit of innocence at a title cruncher of children. If it could be, "Sprachlabor" is even heavier with an intro built on a long streamer eroded by powerful reverberations which break into a curt, powerful and jerky rhythm. A beautiful unreal melody thrones there, like a child-robot who's splitting a man a bit acerbic from a childhood forgotten in a corner of the lounge.
It took me time, but I eventually became an ardent fan of Jerome Froese. There is an immense talent behind this young man to whom I have often, and inequitably, thrown the blame for the fall of Tangerine Dream. It's only much later that I understood that without his son, daddy Froese would have had the breath quite much shorter. Anyway, Einzelkind is a very good EP which follows this tangent of rhythms of lead and harmonies of silk begun in the shade of the classics of TD (Dream Mixes), continued on Neptunes and which strengthens Jerome Froese as being the king (pioneer?) of Heavy Rock Electronica.
Sylvain Lupari (June 21th, 2012)

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