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EMMENS & HEIJ: Journey (2007)

"Journey is a great album inspired by aggressive sequences as well as evasive and smooth cosmic synths"

1 Journey 8:01
2 The Endless Running Messenger 15:32
3 A City Awakens 11:46
4 Rolling Thunder in the Mountains of Hope 11:52
5 Red Clouds over a Misty Swamp 9:28
6 Regaining Breath in the Eye of the Storm 17:49

EMMENS/HEIJ: EH003 (CD 74:26)

It’s on the late that I discovered Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij's Journey. I adored Silent Witnesses of Industrial Landscapes  and The Sculpture Garden and it’s these atmospheres that I discover on this 3rd collaboration between both accomplices since 2004. Journey is a cosmic journey through evolutionary rhythms that the duet feed at knocks of sequences which challenge imagination. Audacious sequences which sometimes sleep but often jostle the order of things established by structures sometimes dreamy, strollers, poetic and melodious.
A beautiful sequence takes shape on gurgling and reverberations of a spatial intro to tones of arcade. It waddles and dances of its agile chords into rich layers synth filled of lines of mist.
As soon as the first breaths of
"Journey" float we are wrapped by this cosmic aura from the Dutch duet. A synth with choir lines adds a warm depth to a synth which espouses a circular movement waving and galloping like a cascade to grave intonations. The synths are fluids and pour beautiful solos typical of Emmens & Heij's tones. Loud and twisted solos which cover a rhythm fed by sequences of which the subdivided and shape shifting keys maintain a harmonious cadence. "The Endless Running Messenger" presents a more cosmic intro where synth breezes float under a rain and its cosmic thunders. While waltzing with oblivion, the synth offers silky lines which roam in loneliness, harmonizing their sadness in the drops which dry before reaching the ground. An oscillating sequence emerges in the shade of celestial choirs filled by grave timbres. It waves in a hypnotic movement, caressing the smooth floating synth layers to amplify its magnetism with strident solos which get lost in a heavy atmosphere and break on the cliffs of cymbals, while the synths take back their rights for an ambient finale. Hypnotic and melodic, the sequential movement of "A City Awakens" hops with a chime tone. The synth is quite enveloping and its lines are dancing out of balance on an aggressive sequence which moulds a spiral rhythm, multiplying its loops with a harmonious fluidity. And the finale is superb with its sequences dance which sparkles in an ethereal fog swollen by fine electronic sound effects.
If you like big weighty sequencers,
"Rolling Thunder in the Mountains of Hope" has something to satisfy your expectations. It’s a powerful track which flows with a restrained rhythm filled by superbly smooth and captivating synth layers caressing a heavy rhythm fed by flickering and motionless sequences. The 2nd portion is even heavier with fluid sequences which hammer a stubborn rhythmic under great soloing nasal breaths. It reminds me a little of the galloping rhythms of Tangerine Dream and the lugubrious ambiences of Redshift. "Red Clouds over a Misty Swamp" is a moment of atmospheric relaxation. It’s a long floating ode fed by a thick cloud of synth layers which invade our ears and invite us in an intense intra-personal reflection where those synth waves waltz in a cosmic nothingness covered of sound effects and choirs roaming like our thoughts wander. "Regaining Breath in the Eye of the Storm" is a superb track which takes root in some very atmospheric ambiences à la TD of their Pink years. A great cosmic and floating layer leads us on a tight-fitting sequencer, from which the divided keys dancing such as scatterbrained fires follow curves which are similar to those we find on "The Endless Running Messenger". These sequences wave with a contained frenzy under whistles from a dreamy synth, creating some structures with oppositions in movements. Rhythmic structures with modulations sometimes tortuous and complex which coil up on a synth to harmonious whistles before being melted in the sweetnesses of beautiful morphic strata, driving "The Endless Running Messenger" towards an angelic peace of mind and its atmospheric finale.
Journey is a very beautiful album. An opus inspired by aggressive sequences as well as evasive and smooth cosmic synths.
Gert Emmens and Ruud Heij blow our mind, ears and imagination on evolutionary structures with sometimes unexpected outcomes. There are no weak moments, no lacks of inspiration and have some great atmospheric passages all over it. There are some juicy winks of eye at the analog exploits of Tangerine Dream on good knocks of heavy sequencers à la Redshift, moulding an attractive album full of rhythms and ambiences which fill the empty spaces. In short it’s a creative, powerful and extremely pleasant album.Sylvain Lupari (April 20th, 2007 & Translated on June 7th, 2012)
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* You can watch a nice video of the title-track on You Tube:
** You can also hear some MP3 snippets on Emmens&Heij website:

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