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KELLER & SCONWALDER: Orange (2007)

"Orange is an album filled by rhythms evolving within hypnotic structures tinged of a harmonious sweetness"

1 Orange One 21:05
2 Orange Two 40:19
3 Orange & Blue 10:23


Minimalism, languishing, hypnotic and ambivalent tempos flavored by plaintive synths and fluty Memotrons which stick both on musical structures and ears on rhythms; such is the menu of Orange, the in the last opus of Bas Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder, masters of modern-day Berlin School. Realized and produced in homage to Dutch EM fans, Orange continues the evolutionary approach on the theory of colors introduced by Noir. A series which gathers live recordings, as well as studio works, that the duet in stored in the course of last years. Bas B. Broekhuis brings a new dimension to the music of Detlev Keller and Mario Schonwalder by breathing life to rhythms which are similar to the floating ambiances of the Berlin duet that follows the paths of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze for the biggest pleasure of their fans. But you don’t have to be only a fan to appreciate the e-music of Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder. If minimalism rhythms which evolve within structures varying between groovy and soft techno, you should be easily appeal by the magic of this German trio to the soul as much poetic than energic and enigmatic.
Played in Culemborg on November 5th, 2005, "Orange One" presents a very atmospheric and deliciously electronic intro. It’s a spatial psychedelic approach, a little as at the time of
Body Love and Klaus Schulze's electronic bats. Shrill sound effects pierce a nebulous cosmic aura accompanied of hesitating Tablas which gain in confidence with the arrival of heavier pulsations. Rickety violins cross this foggy atmosphere before espousing a tone of languorous cellos, rocking the meanders of a dry oblivion. Subtly this movement switches into a great minimalism ceremony which progresses on a bewitching tempo, hiccupping of a firm pace and flooded by superb solos of synths flavored by a suave orchestration. It’s a track for fans of Klaus Schulze. Recorded at the 2002 E-Live Festival, "Orange Two" begins in a hesitating intro, drawing a hopping tempo that a smooth Memotron dresses of a cosmic splendour. Percussions and plaintive synths eye a structure which draws a rhythm minimalism dressed by fanciful violins. The rhythm is at the doors of a groovy techno, between increasing and decreasing processes, to embrace an atmospheric passage, where a cello is soaking in a floating and uncertain ambiance due to percussions and pulsations beating within loopy solos with a zest of spectral breezes. A wrapping crescendo takes back the road of a progressive tempo, always supported by strata of minimalism violins and breezes of ghostly synths, before failing in a contemplative nothingness. This is pure Berlin School at its best! "Orange and Blue" is a studio rehearsal of "Orange Two". We can appreciate the modulations and changes as well as the long progress of its improvisation. Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder continues to surprise by delivering an album filled by rhythms evolving within hypnotic structures tinged of a harmonious sweetness. With its progressive and hypnotic rhythms molded into layers of synths to multiple melodious flavors, Orange is a very beautiful opus rather representative of the nowadays Berlin School. A Berlin School matured and evolved which adapts itself with a renewed heat in the new instruments and new technologies of Keller & Schonwalder. The duet does very well in its task of guard dog of an enchanter style with nuances between a soft techno and a harmonious minimalist EM.
Sylvain Lupari (June 29th, 2007 & Translated on June 1st, 2012)
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